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    ARC 07

    Anyone have DIN access. Is DP/1 Inf for 33 Brigade in Connought or Meaford.
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    I did a search and wasn't able to find much on the subject. Do the CFRCs carry a list of all units accepting RESO candidates or are individuals suppose to contact the individual units about it. Thanks for the input. Cheers! -Tony
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    CIC And PRes

    I did a couple searches but came out empty handed. Is it possible to be a Cadet CIC and be in the Primary Reserve simultaniously? If it is... Would you choose whether to do Summer ARC or Get employment at Cadet Camp? Thanks in advance! -Tony
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    33Bde MilSkills Comp Results.

    Third place went to the SD&G Highrs. Second place went to the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa First place went to the Hastings and Price Edward Regiment. Good training all around but an End-Ex was called because of too many no-duffs. Hypothermia being the most prevelent sending a few people to...
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    What does it mean to be Canadian?

    Any thoughts?  :cdn: I personally think the Canadian National Identity has slowly been eroded throughout history. What makes Canada unique? How can we bring it to the world stage? How can Canada once again rise up and be strong.
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    Attaching to another unit.

    OK so here is my problem that I hope someone may be able to shed some light on. I'm currently with the SD&G Highrs in Cornwall Ont. And next fall i will be living in Ottawa for university. Is there any way to attach to another unit while remaining a Highlander? If so is there a time limit on...
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    TCCCS not compatible with US radios?!

    I was under the impression that our coms are all digital.
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    My CF Story

    :-\ This is weird, once upon a September 8th i brought all my paperwork into the CWO at my local Armoury; ( SD&G Highlanders ) ; and I'm still waiting for a date. I know they brought my folder to the CFRC in Ottawa more than 3 weeks ago... But i still have no date. What could be taking so long...
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    Budget Drops In 3 Weeks

    What Do You Guys Wanna See...Besides the obvious. Health Care? I Think We need more accountability Gouverners Generals Budget? Cut It... come on lets hear it! :cdn:
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    Cornwall Cadets?

    ??? Help! I know they're are lots of air cadets around here but i can't seem to find any army cadets. if anyone here is from cornwall, alexandria or the like can you point me to a unit? oh i shuld give some background. i'm 15 turning 16 in march and im joining the militia but my dad said to...