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  1. AmmoTech90

    Cost of Storage in Transit/Long Term Storage

    The Moving Thread is locked (https://army.ca/forums/threads/29261.0.html) Does anyone have an estimate on what is charged for Storage in Transit and Long Term Storage?  I realize that it will vary depending on the weight/volume of the goods, but a ballpark figure/personal experience would be...
  2. AmmoTech90

    DND IT takes a great leap forward

    I used DWAN's search and the first hit was actually useful!
  3. AmmoTech90

    Happy Saint Barbara's Day 2012

    Have a good day and for all those working with explosives have a safe year!
  4. AmmoTech90

    WO Chris Carr, CD - 30 Sept, 2012

    WO Chris Carr passed away on 30 Sept, 2012 in Fredericton, NB after a battle with ALS. He served 34 years in the CF as an Artilleryman and an Ammunition Technician.  Chris had a huge heart, and had a huge impact on everyone who met him. His obituary and details for visitation and internement...
  5. AmmoTech90

    Transit through Chicago O'Hare- United Airlines

    Does anyone know if United flights from Canada arrive at the same terminal in O'Hare as internal (US destination) United Flights depart from?  And do you have to pick up/transfer luggage in O'Hare between such flights? Cheers.
  6. AmmoTech90

    Maple Leaf headline...correct me if I'm wrong but...

    I feel there is something seriously wrong with this headline.  They are obviously talking about post 9/11 missions in Afghanistan and the first line is: It is pretty hard to criticize a generic media outfit (CTV, CBC, etc) mixing up a tank with an APC when the CF's own media organ can not get...
  7. AmmoTech90

    ICE Tactical Modular Tac Vest vs ARPAT LBV (Pics)

    I just thought that I would put up some pics of the vest that I got through ICE Tactical.  Overall impression of the manufacturing quality is that is very good,  solid stitching, on par with other well made kit I have seen.  What I ordered was the vest, hydroback, three triple mag pouches, med...
  8. AmmoTech90

    Screen layout change request

    Hi Mike, I was wondering how hard it would be to move the Mark All Topics As Read button away from the All Unread Topics button when you on the Show unread posts since last visit page?  Right now they are right above each other and I know I have clicked on the Mark as read button a couple of...
  9. AmmoTech90

    Name tags for TPS

    Slow news day item... I would oppose this on the cost to the tax payers alone, never mind officer safety... http://torontosun.com/News/TorontoAndGTA/2006/07/11/1678816-sun.html In 2005 TPS had 5227 as its uniformed strength.  This works out to $27.00 per member for name tags.  Checking...
  10. AmmoTech90

    New vehicles for the RCD?

    I think the RCD page may need some updating. I know the MGS is having some teething problems so I guess they have reactivated some other vehicles they had lying around.  :o Click on the Today link from this page http://www.army.dnd.ca/RCD/rcd/equipments_e.htm D
  11. AmmoTech90

    UK Terror Raids

    A large number for police were involved in raids targetted at suspects linked with Iraqi terrorism.  Around 500 police were involved.  9 people have been arrested, two have been released.  The search of the houses is expected to take a few days...
  12. AmmoTech90

    Eurovision 06 and you

    Things I learnt from the last two and a half hours... -Germans like country -The larger your eyebrows are the low you will score -Russia strikes fear in their neighbors -Everyone in the Balkans loves each other -Navals are out...legs are in -Lithuanians have a sense of humour -GWAR immigrated...
  13. AmmoTech90

    The Inevitable Debate on Half Masting

    In light of the fact that the media and members of this forum have already picked up on the fact that the flags on Parliament Hill will not be at half mast for the soldiers killed today (see http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2006/04/22/1546072-cp.html for the media), I would like to draw...
  14. AmmoTech90

    EOD the hard way

    When I first got this via email I wasn't really sure if was real or should be listed on Snopes.  But here it is in the Stars and Stripes so I'm going to take that as an authoritative source. http://www.estripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=33481&archive=true All I can say is that he has...
  15. AmmoTech90

    Animated Pie

    How does one get their avatar to move, a la Blakeys spidey?  My pie should be on its way to its target but it just sits there frozen. Poor pie...
  16. AmmoTech90

    New British Bridge

    Just some info/bridge porn for those interested.  Pulled it off the British DIN site. Sappers welcome air-portable bridging A new system will be used by Light Forces to create different assault bridges â “ and even a RORO ferry. The Air Portable Ferry Bridge (APFB) system, which is being...
  17. AmmoTech90

    New Foreign and Defence Policy Statements - 19 Apr 05

    The new policy statement is available to be viewed below on the internet: http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/Reports/dps/index_e.asp
  18. AmmoTech90

    OP HALO Photos

    I've uploaded some pictures in the Operations gallery from Haiti if any wants a look. Edit: Somehow I got credited with picture of the OP with the C9 sitting on a ledge.  Any way Admin could change that file back to just Op and give the correct credit to who ever uploaded it?