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  1. Bluebulldog

    Soviet Tank Graveyard in Ukraine article

    Just general interest, thought it was neat. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/462850/Amazing-pictures-of-hidden-Soviet-tank-graveyard-in-Ukraine-taken-by-plucky-teenager
  2. Bluebulldog

    Armed Forces Consider incentives to keep soldiers fit

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/armed-forces-considers-incentives-to-keep-soldiers-fit-1.2602857 "Most soldiers are passing new fitness test, but military wants them to strive for higher standards" Interesting read. Funny how getting the level that gave you a pass for two years was said to be...
  3. Bluebulldog

    Canadian Military Heritage Museum

    A couple of weeks ago, a number of folks from my Rgt. went on a road trip to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford ON. http://www.cmhmhq.ca/Main%20Page.htm If you're in Southern ON, and get a chance, it's well worth the trip. They've got quite a collection, including restored...
  4. Bluebulldog

    PRes BMQ question

    I've searched the other threads, and can't find an answer, so I'm hoping someone can provide it. I came off a previous P Res BMQ weekend course after 8 of 10 weekends. The last 2 were missed, they were CBRN and the range. Would a tyipcal scenario be to load me out on the last 2 of another BMQ...
  5. Bluebulldog

    Not quite out..not quite in

    I'm hoping someone can shed some light. In Jan of this year, my work circumstance changed and I was faced with a tough decision, as to stay in, and possibly not be able to participate in training due to professional commitments, or request a release. As I didn't wish to waste my Regiments time...
  6. Bluebulldog

    PRes Combat Arms DP1 courses going longer?

    I've just heard that for the Summer of 2012 the combat arms trades will have longer DP1 course lengths. Infantry out to 8 weeks, Armour the same. Has anyone heard anything about this? Is the Arty DP1 going to be longer than the 20 days as well?
  7. Bluebulldog

    Anyone starting weekend BMQ in Hamilton ON this weekend ( 1-3 Oct)?

    Hi all, Just got the news our weekend BMQ will be starting this weekend at John Foote Armouries in Hamilton ON. Anyone else on the course? Let's get some intros out of the way.
  8. Bluebulldog

    Res DP1 in Sault St. Marie / Michigan?

    Just looking for some info. I'm going to be doing my Artillery DP1 course in Michigan next Summer. Can anyone that's been on the course provide any info. for example, timeline, time off during course, accomodations, and how you generally found the course? Any info would be appreciated. Cheers.