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    Test pilot

    Thanks for the detailed write-up SupersonicMax.  I just got my OT to pilot through the UTPNCM program, and I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer: 1) Is there an age limit for becoming a test pilot? I'm 36 now, so by the time I finish university, get my wings and fly 1000 hours I'll...
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    2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

    I just got my UTPNCM offer for pilot, it was sent to my civvie email but not DWAN. I'll be going to U of Regina in the fall to get an Applied Math degree. Good luck to everyone that's still waiting, I hope you find out soon.
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    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2019

    Congrats! When I read your post I ran back into work to see if my offer for AERE came in, but nothing yet. My CoC told me offers are supposed to come out next week, and I'm glad they're sending them early this year. Even if I'm not selected, it will be nice to know instead of waiting another two...
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    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2019

    I applied for AERE, looks like I have some competition. I'm posted to Moose Jaw and got accepted to University of Regina, if I'm selected will I get posted to Regina or will I be expected to stay in Moose Jaw and commute 70 km each way?