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  1. PJ D-Dog


    Hello All: I have been working on developing a Force Protection course for the CF. For the past year, I have been teaching force protection to the Navy and other members of joint commands in the DC area and the more I teach the course, the more I find there may be a need for this in the CF...
  2. PJ D-Dog

    So you want to join the US Marines...here's how

    Due to the many inquiries that I have been getting on how to join the US Marines, I have decided to create this topic. Recently, I have provided information which has successfully helped a few Canadians join the US Marines.  These applicants were selected using very stringent qualifications. ...
  3. PJ D-Dog

    Would you enlist in the US Marines if it were open to Canadians?

    Hello All: In an attempt at gathering some non-scientific data as part of my research, I have created this new poll.  Please answer the following question in your reply.  Thanks.  PJ. If the US Military were to begin accepting applications from natural born Canadian citizens, what would be...
  4. PJ D-Dog

    Reserve Call Outs/Employment Full Time

    Good day all: Here is an idea that I had about the reserves a number of years ago. In order to maintain some amount of conitnuity within the reserves, the CF should introduce service contracts much like the regular force.  Here's how it should work: Reservists would initially join for two...
  5. PJ D-Dog

    Should the US create a Foreign Legion for non-Americans?

    Greetings all: I've stated this topic partly in response to many of you who have expressed interest in enlisting in the US Marines but who have met up with road blocks when dealing with the whole green card issue. Through online and off-line discussions, many think it would be a good idea for...