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  1. FortYorkRifleman

    Anyone else a fan of "24"?

    I just started rewatching the series and was a big fan of it till season 8. I guess with the re-watch I may change my mind but still, given how many seasons this show has run I'm still surprised its as good as it is. "Live Another Day", the shortened series on Fox that just aired, was really...
  2. FortYorkRifleman

    "Tour of Duty" (1987-1990)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092468/ Anyone remember or know of this show? I used to watch the re-runs as a kid when History Channel aired it back in the early 2000's. I still remember how much I loved it and am in the process of buying it on DVD. If you like Vietnam era media this is a must...
  3. FortYorkRifleman

    Understanding World War 2 requires an understanding of World War I?

    Can World War 2 and its causes be understood on its own or should I look into what caused the First World War and its progress from 1914-1918? Having "studied" the Cold War on my own I find its like an onion; there are layers upon layers of why one event came to be due to previous...
  4. FortYorkRifleman

    Trade Q&A

    Since this site has several members who are current CAF personnel might I suggest a Q&A with one a week, month or whenever it can be done? For example, a Infantry NCM who can take questions from users with regards to daily routine, garrison duties, tips on how to be good Infanteers etc. Then the...
  5. FortYorkRifleman

    What's your background?

    I'm curious as to the backgrounds of those who post here. When I say background I mean where you trace your roots, whether you were born in Canada etc. For myself I have always identified as Canadian with Guyanese background; my parent's were born and raised there but I was born here. I found...
  6. FortYorkRifleman

    Toronto: Love it or hate it?

    As I have been going through the recruiting process at CFRC Toronto I noticed many of the people from the GTA who don't live in Toronto have a disdain for the city; too crowded, TTC is awful, people are not helpful and rude people. I know that this is a common complaint from people outside the...
  7. FortYorkRifleman

    What keeps or kept you in the CAF?

    The past few years have not been kind to the CAF with reports of sexual misconduct, low morale, old equipment with no replacements in sight etc. On top of that with the mission in Afghanistan over and recent missions leaning towards the Air Force and Special Operations what keeps you in the CAF...
  8. FortYorkRifleman

    BB King dead at 89

    http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-32747979 Sad to have read this first thing in the morning but what a life this man led. My love of blues is because of him and I imagine plenty of people, young and old, can say the same. Whether you know it or not your favorite artists were probably...
  9. FortYorkRifleman

    Whatever happens, happens

    For the past six months I have lurked on this site along with another site trying to learn as much as I can about the CAF, trade availability, who's hiring win etc and I'm done. I think the worst thing I've done is trying to search for answers that in the end don't matter; when my time comes, it...
  10. FortYorkRifleman

    Start of the Cold War: The Marshall Plan or Soviets' exploding first atomic bomb

    I'm in the beginning stages of learning about the Cold War from 1917 and the Russian Revolution all the way to 1991. The consensus amongst historians and commentators put the "Cold War" from 1947 - 1991 but which event sparked it seems up for debate. My reading of things is that it was The...
  11. FortYorkRifleman

    Defence of Canada documentary series

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFsZUF_tnI4 The link above is part one of three of a amazing documentary covering Canada's history in NATO and the Cold War. Lots of insight into how we became what we are today.
  12. FortYorkRifleman

    Literature about Canadian Airborne Regiment

    One of the topics that has eluded me for the past ten years in researching about the CAF has been the history of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, its involvement in operations worldwide and its endgame starting with the Somali mission and eventual disbandment. Basically I am looking for a book...
  13. FortYorkRifleman

    Gurantee of an interview

    My understanding is that the CFAT, TSD and the interview are the three components required to determine eligibility for the further processing of one's file. My question is given I am applying for Reg Force infantry can I expect a interview once the trade is open or will it be done when the PSO...
  14. FortYorkRifleman

    Perception of a quitter

    Hey everyone, My story is that back in 2003 I enrolled into the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve, completed only two weeks of BMQ and then VR'ed with a 4c release. Fast forward to 2012 and I am going through the process of re-enrolling. All that needs to happen is my medical clearence from...