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  1. MP 811

    India (Superthread)

    To say the least.  I'm posted here in India right now and the sabre rattling is ramping up quite quickly here.  Things are going on up there daily that we are watching very closely
  2. MP 811

    India (Superthread)

    Disappointed in a number of ways for sure and the bribing will have to go a lot further than just defence equipment! Funny and a touch off topic, but they (the Indians) were rolling out all the red carpets and vice regal salutes for John Kerry's visit here yesterday.  A 15 minute trip from the...
  3. MP 811

    Will I have to jump?

    short and sweet brother....if you join the infantry, you would work along side tanks and the armoured guys, but you wont be trained IN operating Leopards or anything related to the armoured MOC.  Same goes for Artillery.  You pick one, and you train as that MOC.  Artillery fires the guns...
  4. MP 811

    American Beer vs Canadian Beer

    Quebec has an ever growing craft beer scene as well and quite frankly, some of the beer coming out of "La Belle Province" is pretty damn good IMO. more so than some Ontario craft offerings.  I come back to Canada 2 or 3 times a year and my suitcases are always packed with craft beer for the trip...
  5. MP 811

    American Beer vs Canadian Beer

    For those asking, here's a link to my blog.  I try and keep up as much as possible, but time and work restrictions end up getting the better of me. https://canadianbeerblogger.com I have a group I've started on the Facebook thing if your interested as well, just pm me your handle on FB and...
  6. MP 811

    American Beer vs Canadian Beer

    If you talk about the macro breweries, such as Coors, Budweiser, etc, then yes, the stuff is absolutely brutal and boring beer, but the Americans have made great strides in the craft beer microbrewery business and some of whats available out there is absolutely amazing tasting beer! As someone...
  7. MP 811

    New Air Force epaulets

    Thanks guys.......I don't get to wear capdat much these days and I agree...this looks awful, so I think I'll stick with the old epaulets until I'm forced into the new ones.  I just received all the new silver coloured ranks for my DEU as well......what a joy it will be to explain to a local...
  8. MP 811

    New Air Force epaulets

    So i've been out of country for a good 4 years now and just saw a picture of this epaulet.  Is this the newest version of us reinventing the wheel?
  9. MP 811

    Majors that can be used to be an MPO

    I can answer that...........no.............MPO's would not be looked at as lateral entry candidates for civy forces.  Civilian police agencies who accept MP's laterally are specifically looking for garrision policing experience, meaning, bread and butter policing.  Traffic stops, tickets, calls...
  10. MP 811

    Saudi Arabia monarchy succession crisis could lead to discord

    ahhhh...seen.  Thanks for the background George.
  11. MP 811

    Saudi Arabia monarchy succession crisis could lead to discord

    ha!...reading oscar2's post were highly entertaining to me.  Im in Saudi Arabia and its always enjoyable to read what people spew as fact about this place.
  12. MP 811

    Hamilton soldier fighting a battle … for work

    I'd also like to say that I know Drew as well from my time with the Argyll's.  One of the finest soldiers ive ever met, regular or reserve......bar none.  Knowing what Drew has gone through in his life, and how he's always maintained a professional and pleasant demeanour, I wouldnt hesistate to...
  13. MP 811

    US official says"Saudis Arabia poised to make shift AWAY from relations with US"

    Interesting topic, which interests me greatly considering I'm currently working in Saudi Arabia.  Great posts by everyone as well!  Personally, and I see it every day, the Saudi's are trying to "Saudize" everything here.  They decided that the jobless rate, especially amongst the Saudi youth is...
  14. MP 811

    MND Announces 4800 Person Reduction in CAF and DND Management

    I hear the line up spans 5 city blocks now!
  15. MP 811

    military style decals/paint...pictures/thoughts?

    gotcha......thats pretty good evidence.
  16. MP 811

    military style decals/paint...pictures/thoughts?

    Are your sure about that?.....there's more than one reserve unit in Ottawa.
  17. MP 811

    US closing all Embassies,Consulates in Islamic world due to unspecified threat

    Im currently in one of these countries........I can tell you for a fact, they're taking this threat very seriously.  The local authorities here have stepped up their presence, searching vehicles as they enter the embassy area.
  18. MP 811

    Beware the regimental "anniversary beer/wine"

    +1!!!!..............and being PC strikes again.
  19. MP 811

    Can naval personnel acquire jumpwings?

    yes.............I think a cadet para course is run every summer.