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    Phase 2 Pilot wait time

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had an impression of wait times for phase 2 in Moose Jaw recently. I know it used to be 2 years, but friends have told me that it had been reduced to 6 months or so... but that was a while ago. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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    Aircrew medical (previous air factor)

    Hey all, I've got a medical next week, and aircrew selection sometime after that. I had been thinking about the aircrew medical, and in doing some other reading here I see that the main delay after that is with being assigned air factor. So, here's the question. I released from the CF in June...
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    Application timing

    Hey guys, I got out of the CF coming up on a year ago (it's complicated), and I'm looking at rejoining. I'm looking to time the application so that if I get an offer, it comes in around the June to August time frame. So - when do you all think would be a good time to apply? I'm in a schooling...