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    Anira_09's Thread - New Service Wife with Husband Away on Course

    Hello Im sorry to bother but i would like to know if you can give us some advise.... My husband is going as sonar op after his bmq. He graduates 26 August 2016 and after that he should be going to Esquimalt. We have to kids (2 and 1 years old) and I'm really stress of our future like a family. I...
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    Dates of training

    Hello I will be going to st jean the 4 June to do my military training till 26 August, so i would like to know when my training for Sonar Op will start? I know that is a total of 25+5 weeks of training but if i could know when my courses start I can have a bit more of organization (wife and...
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    Civilians work in military hospitals????

    Hi, Simple question, can my gf ( common-in-law) work like orderly at a military hospital?? She has her diploma and experience of 6 years here in Quebec.
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    Sonar Op Training [MERGED]

    HELLO, MY BMQ beginsĀ  4 June till 26 August, can anyone tell me the dates, after 26 August, for sonar op courses??? I know that I must do my NET first (5 weeks)
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    QMB 4 JUIN

    SALUT Je vais partir pour st-jean le 4 Juin pour le QMB, acermentation le 1 juin pour Operateur Sonar Quelq'un avec moi ????? Aussi jamerais savoir apres st jean si je vais partir a Esquilmalt tout seul ou ma conjoint va me suivre avec les enfants????