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    Primary reserves

    Im wondering if you are in the primary reserves, you are not obliged to be sent to any foriegn country unless you voluntarily agree to go am I right? Also if you are in the reserves and you want to quit, can you quit or are you obliged to stay for x amount of years?
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    what to expect?

    Hello guys, today I got a call(after 3 years of waiting) that my security thing has been completed, and I will be going down to the recruiting center to fill out some stuff and resume the process. by the way is the security clearance a level 3 top secret one? or level 2 confidential? I still...
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    hi,i have 4 wisdom teeth i gotta pull out before i go to the reserves so that they dont cause me trouble while im in.But i was wondering does anyone know how much it costs to get out a wisdom tooth?i heard its expensve.Shit if thats the case id have to go back to my country and do it there and...
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    Sorry i know alot of u r going to tell me to go search ,but i need to know is bmq 10 weeks or 1 month?
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    BMQ Learning

    Hello I was just wondering. Do they teach us non armed combat skills during BMQ,you know basic stuff ,basic techniques to survive in hand to hand non armed combat. While searching ,I only found that infantry take a course dealing with non armed combat but just wondering if all have to take some...
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    When you join the reserves(part time),you train every weekend and i think i read somwhere u also train a night every week.Anyway,for the summer,are you obliged to work with the reserves,or can you leave the country to your home or whatever? Thanks
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    Every trade in the amry has its own ,i think they call it badge or something, is there any place i can find all the badges of all the different occupations in the army.Any websites?
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    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

    Hello Is there anyone here who had to go throught this pre assessment because he had not been residing in canada for the past 10 years,and how long did it take?
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    Some help with....

    Hi I aslo need to know what NW TECH,H TECH,W TECH L,MAT TECH,RM TECH,ED TECH,EGS TECH,PH TECH,WFE TECH,CONST TECH,CONST SUPT,MET TECH,NCI OP,NES OP,NE TECH A,NE TECH C,NE TECH T,IMAGE TECH, are or what they stand for. In additon to that ,can someone tell me what the SIG OP duty is?What does he do?
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    What are the scheduled countries? Which countries?
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    MED A *,MSE OP,....................

    When you do the aptutude test,they then give you a sheet with the occupations that you can do based on your test score. I was just wondering what some of these mean. MED A*,LMN,BOSN,MSE OP, and whats the difference between MED A* and  MED TECH Thank you
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    combat support trades

      Hello What does  combat support trades include? Please dont tell me to go search because I already did. thank you very much
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    Field engineer uniforms

    How does the field engineer's uniform look like?
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    What different kinds of uniforms do people in the canadian army wear(not navy or airforce). And do they differ according do occupations, for example,does a medic wear the same uniform as an engineer or infantry ?
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    I‘ve been told that the processing for canadian citizens who haven‘t resided in Canada for the past 5 years might take a year or more,whereas the processing for those who have resided in canada for the past 5 years ,takes a month.Is that true? And for those who were living outside canada,does...
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    If someone is in the reserves, can he for example leave the country for a vacation(for example in the summer),and still be in the reserves,or does he have to quit? Thank you