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  1. MPIKE

    Local Land clearance policies?

    Looking for any applicable canforgen and/or policy references for obtaining local area land clearance and enviro assessments etc?  Just need the references and I'll look them up.  I'm off site and trying to make preparations for a planning session. (tried a search but can't hit on the key words)...
  2. MPIKE

    Blueline- Police and Military articles

    A colleague of mine (recently returned) pointed out this article and it caused a fair bit of discussion.  This article does a disservice to both professions certainly in this simplification of roles. I think Mr Lymburner drifted out of his arcs and should leave the comfort of his office for his...
  3. MPIKE

    DRP supports CF

    A great venture which was unvieled today at our armouries.  :cdn: http://drps.ca/netscape/whatsnew/whatsnew_view.asp?ID=10231
  4. MPIKE

    Townhall Discussion 30OCT06

    http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/English/6_1_1.asp?id=1371 FYI..hopefully it will be productive and some dialogue will be generated.  Certainly new way of reaching out.. [Edited to add LINKS.]
  5. MPIKE

    Top Gear host injured in crash

    Not sure if there is any other followers of the car show TOP GEAR? (I'm a huge fan)  But one of the hosts, Richard Hammond aka 'the Hamster' was critically injured while trying to break the British Landspeed record.  He was travelling at 280mph! in a jet car powered by a Rolls Royce Orpheus...
  6. MPIKE

    Six-month postings questioned

    insert posted under fair dealings preamble here... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20060905.AFGHANSOLDIERS05/TPStory Came across the article above and wondered if there was any merit to it?...  In policing, there has always been endless debate on who has the best shift...
  7. MPIKE

    Helmet liners for the US troops but for us?

    Yes I know but read below. .  this thread will go one of two ways. positively or south quickly  ::) :) I'm posting this on behalf of a relative who has inquired about a need for our troops to use these homemade knitted items.  She works with the elderly and is part of some knitters' club. I am...
  8. MPIKE

    CFLC @ 33 Bde PF conference?

    Anyone happen to have contact info for Airforce Major who was running the CFLC stand at the conference? I have misplaced his information. Although he was taking call back info, I'm not overly confident that I will hear back from him.  Thanks in advance
  9. MPIKE

    The Mackenzie Institute?

    http://www.mackenzieinstitute.com/index.html I stumbled onto this website as result of reviewing some old threads found in this forum.  At first glance, some of the articles related to terrorism seemed genuine, accurate and well written.  Mind you I haven't read all of them yet so I will...
  10. MPIKE

    British MP: Canada complicit in Iraq war

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2005/09/17/1221619-cp.html Looks like another modern version of Hanoi Jane.  Does anyone know how he is recieved in the UK?
  11. MPIKE

    Midtown Barrie Evacuated- Suspicious package

  12. MPIKE

    Year of the Veteran & commemorative pin to be worn by all CF pers

    News Release Canadian Forces Members to Observe Year of the Veteran NR-05.017 - March 4, 2005 OTTAWA â “ Canadian Forces members will wear a special insignia pin on their uniforms throughout 2005 to recognize Canada's â Å“Year of the Veteran.â ? Veterans Affairs Canada has produced the pin...
  13. MPIKE

    Recce "Overwatch" example?

    While on my DP3 Recce course last year in Wainwright,  we were shown a great video made by the Strats showing Overwatch with the Coyote surveillance system.  It was a detail involving the escort and protection of the Pope on his visit in Bosnia.  (I think it was D sqn production) Anyone know...