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    Re: CEOTP 2019

    1. You have a choice, they will not order you to live in residence. I lived off residence in my first year. 2. Depends on the person but personally I had quite a bit of extra time. Less than 20 hours of classes per week, so even if you need an hour of personal study each (a stretch in my...
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    Since most RMC join straight out of high school as opposed to DEO and Commission from Ranks, it makes sense that they'd make up the bulk of the generals. They have more "time to serve" as officers, so to speak. I'll bet on average RMC officers are several years younger than their DEO...
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    Air Force Reserves Questions

    Flight Engineers are recruited solely from within the forces, you must have been a forces member in a different trade for a number of years before being selected. I believe they're wholly regular force, though I might be wrong on that. My understanding of the air reserve is, because they're...
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    Merit listed for constructional eng, chances of getting selected

    There's really no way to tell without actually seeing the merit lists, and no one who has access to that is going to tell you. Essentially, you have a merit score which is determined by a bunch of unknown factors - your CFAT will be included, your interview is a big chunk of it, and frankly you...
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    Always wanted to be a military pilot, and the dream's coming true

    I thought I might as well write up my experience in the recruiting pipeline, in case someone finds themselves in similar shoes in the future. I had finished my Private Pilot Licence through the cadet scholarship program in August 2015, and I applied to the forces the day after I got home at...
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    BMOQ Regular Force 2014 - 2017 [Merged]

    Travelling from Toronto as well, heading here for Pilot.
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    Selection Dates for CEOTP/ROTP Pilot

    Does anyone know when the next selections are for CEOTP and ROTP for pilots? Is it still possible, for CEOTP, to start BMOQ this September? Thanks!