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    US Military Family Loses Everything In U-Haul Robbery

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, so I'll offer apologies if I have erred. Full story at link below. The family was enroute to Alaska due to a posting.  From the sounds of it they literally had everything they owned in a UHaul that was stolen from the parking lot of the hotel...
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    Court Finds Netherlands At Fault for Srebrencia Massacre

    Shared IAW the Fair Dealings provisions of the copyright act. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/netherlands-liable-for-300-srebrenica-massacre-deaths-court-rules/article19629551/comments/
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,   Those of you familiar with the former CFPilots.com website will be pleased to know that it’s tradition and spirit is being carried on in the form of RCAFPilots.com.  Membership is open to all current and retired CF, RCAF and RCN pilots. 
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    British soldiers resort to 'baiting' Taliban to beat rules of engagement

    From The Indpendent, shared under Fair Dealing Provisions of the Copy Right Act. British soldiers in Afghanistan are being forced to act as bait in an attempt to draw the Taliban into opening fire, a serving platoon commander has alleged. Remainder at link...
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    Toronto Imam's Ideas for Preventing Rape.

    Reproduced under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act.  From the Sun's website. My only comment is  :facepalm:. More at link. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/07/16/muslim-clerics-letter-to-the-sun-about-preventing-sex-assault
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    Development for Hill 60

    Found this on another Forum and thought that it might be of interest to folks here. 
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    Movement Claim Question...

    Hi all.  Quick question regarding movement of DF&E.  Is the cost of moving a privately owned aircraft covered for a DND move?  The clerk and I have been looking through the CFAOs and found one on moving RVs but that is it.  Anyone here dealt with this sort of situation before?
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    Can anyone suggest an good moving company?

    Hi all, Moving GTA to Moose Jaw in Feb (OJT is finally over! ;D )  Can anyone suggest a good moving company?  (Or steer me away from a bad one)  Thanks in advance!
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    BFT course dates moving?

    OK, I'm hearing many different things about BFT dates for '08.  When I was in YWG a few months ago Capt B mentioned that my ETA for MJ was June 08.  Just today I've heard that BFT dates in MJ have moved forward because some of the NATO students that were slated for MJ have been pulled out of the...
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    Looking for a little help...History of Toronto CFRC

    Hi: My CO tasked me to prepare our unit history, (I'm at CFRC Toronto).  I got all of our old Annual Historic Reports from present day back to unification.  I asked DHH and National Archives if they had any photo's . The answer was no.  There was also no information on our unit from before...
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    Anyone know if there is an Airforce Kitshop in Borden or Trenton?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if there is an Airforce Kitshop in either of the title locations?