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    New Air Force epaulets

    The what? ;)
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    New Air Force epaulets

    Yes, those were announced before, but for DEU. They hadn't announced it was going to the flight suits or combats, nor have I seen anyone in it. And if it looks the way I think it does, those slip ons are green with the new stripes, which means it's not the same one that was announced in 2014...
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    New Air Force epaulets

    So, I just saw pictures of the new demo F18, and the demo pilot looks like he's wearing a prototype slip on. Green with the new style stripes it looks like. Has anyone heard anything about this?
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    Phase 2 Pilot wait time

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had an impression of wait times for phase 2 in Moose Jaw recently. I know it used to be 2 years, but friends have told me that it had been reduced to 6 months or so... but that was a while ago. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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    AWS Full , questions betweeen AVS / AVN / ACS / AC Op

    AC Ops have a super wide variety of jobs. You can work for NORAD and track/identify/scramble on aircraft as well as manage the data link system. You can go work at a fighter base and help with their missions, or deploy to the field to set up hasty air traffic control units. You can work in a...
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    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    You can wear your uniform on your way to work or home from work. It's generally accepted that you can stop off somewhere to eat during the trip, but I wouldn't go for the full sit down restaurant thing. I used to regularly stop off at a Quiznos to grab a sandwich before I got to the armouries...
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    RCAF Leather Jacket (merged discussion and mocking)

    Eye in the Sky - I'm under the impression that they are mandatory. The website has every full and half wing set Canada has on there. MAJONES - I tend to want to agree with you, and the only thing I could think of against that would be a rule that only full wings are allowed on there, as Eye in...
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    RCAF Leather Jacket (merged discussion and mocking)

    Nametags question: I used to be an AC Op, got out, and will hopefully get an offer for pilot in the near future. Am I allowed to have the AC Op half wings on the jacket nametag until I earn the pilot wings? Or is that kind of thing a no-go?
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    Can you wear cross-element qualifications on your DEUs?

    I saw a YMJ course video on youtube recently that showed one of the guys in training wearing a skill badge on the left side of his flight suit. It was the AEC/AC Op badge. Is this something that is being authorized now, or do you guys think its a YMJ specific thing?
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    Anyone know how long the wait is for Phase 2 in Moose Jaw these days? I've heard it's been reduced significantly from when it was 2 years.
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    I am totally not surprised to hear that. Ah well. It happens when it happens I guess. I'm waiting on medical clearance from Ottawa. Maybe we'll be on it together.
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Good to hear that all confirmed! After going through the book, it seems the benefit is that it offers a much more detailed explanation of each test than the candidate guide, along with tips on how to do well. Turns out I'm a fool at speed/distance/time and fuel calculations! Someone suggested...
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    Aircrew medical (previous air factor)

    Hey all, I've got a medical next week, and aircrew selection sometime after that. I had been thinking about the aircrew medical, and in doing some other reading here I see that the main delay after that is with being assigned air factor. So, here's the question. I released from the CF in June...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    For everyone prepping for ASC... I'd read that the new tests are exactly the British RAF tests that we've just leased from them and are using basically unchanged. The Brits call it OASC. So, I did some looking around, and the Brits have a number of sources published on helping people prep for...
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    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    My course was Sept to Dec, the one before that was May ti July or something like that. No idea what wait times are like now. Sorry buddy. PM me if you need more answers.
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    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    You don't really do 'school' before it. You do an OJT job whichc may not even be related to the trade. Couple guys I know worked in the kitchen. You basically wait for your course, which runs maybe 3 times a year. After that, you're posted. That's when you could move people in to where you live...
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    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    I got out for complicated reasons. It's not important. The trade is good. You're generally treated like an adult and you make important decisions quickly compared to other trades. Also, Cornwall is 3 months. After that I went to north bay and did a month long tracking course, and then you'll...
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    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    Hey buddy, I just got out of that trade a couple months ago. About halfway through your QL3, they'll let you pick posting preferences. This is done when you've done some training in the air defense and air traffic side so you can have some basis to decide that. They'll also let you know which...
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    Application timing

    I used to be GGHG :) That was uh... many a moon past.