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  1. Mr.Neville

    North Korea Suicide Bombers

    Good day all, I don't post much on here but I saw this link this morning and thought it was pretty interesting. I don't think anyone else has posted this yet. Apparently this video is from the DPRK's annual military propaganda parade to celebrate the ending of the Korean War. Now apparently...
  2. Mr.Neville

    Canadian Army Belt Buckle

    Hey everyone, pretty sure this is the right place to post this, but if not feel free to move it! I just thought I would show off a little project I was working on earlier today. It's cast aluminum, and I'm going to be polishing it off and making it into a belt buckle. I thought about painting in...
  3. Mr.Neville

    Sell back Feature

      Hey all, so recently I have been playing a lot of Afghan Ops. The game is truly addictive, I'm constantly checking up on my account every night before bed and every morning before work/school.     After a few weeks (I think this is my 3rd week actively playing the game) I have came to the...
  4. Mr.Neville


      Hello all, I'll try and keep this as brief as possible. My close friend who is really into body building is trying to convince me to drop an absurd amount of money (he spends several hundred dollars a month) on supplements he uses for building muscle mass. I'm not the gym jock that he is, but...