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  1. Vanguard48

    DND asks soldiers to share stories of mental health issues, care in videos

    Link: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/dnd-asks-soldiers-to-share-stories-of-mental-health-issues-care-in-videos-1.1652275 Could this just be another PR stunt by the DND? So far does it seem like just another crowd pleaser to the public? You decide. Please read and comment if you wish to do so...
  2. Vanguard48

    Etiquette and Tips on Reserve Armoury Visiting

    Greetings all! As a long time lurker in these forums and a long awaiting applicant for the Reserves forces I thought I might start a new thread explaining on the what NOT to do and the what TO DO along with general information when visiting your local armory. This is intended for all of us...
  3. Vanguard48


    Was: MReid Now: Vanguard
  4. Vanguard48

    Lincoln and Welland Recruiting in 2013?

    Hello. I was hoping I could get some advice and insight from any members on this forum that are part of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment in the Niagara Region of Ontario. Any advice from forum mentors or users as well would greatly be appreciated. Any news is good news. To save a very long...