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  1. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Pension - Contact Questions

    I released on 31 Oct, no contact with Pension Central so far. Can anyone advise what is the best way to get their attention? I know some fellow released guys have recently sent incandescent emails to the Minister and CDS. My thinking is ask When will I be contacted ? When can I transfer...
  2. 54/102 CEF

    Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb WW1 or WW2 ?

    Attention equipment Guru's Regarding the images - Any  idea of their age? on the left eye plate,  in a circle:   Zeiss Prism Stereo         8 x 25 on the right eye plate, in a circle: Baush & Lomb Optical Co    Rochester NY with reverse triangle in centre of circle reading      ...
  3. 54/102 CEF

    Dieppe Raid TEWT

    Check it out - must some smart future leaders out there. Anyone? Yoo - Hoo!  :threat: http://www.canadianmilitaryhistory.ca/the-dieppe-raid-a-decision-making-exercise-operation-rutter-part-1/
  4. 54/102 CEF

    Iraq in 1915 - The Lonelieness of Deployment

    Great little story for all The Royal Navy supporting the British Army facing the Turks http://www.naval-history.net/WW1Book-NavyinMespotamia00.htm#XIII
  5. 54/102 CEF

    Departing French Forecast on Afghanistan

    This ain't what the bright faces have been saying http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/world/asia/bernard-bajolet-leaving-afghanistan-has-his-say.html?ref=world
  6. 54/102 CEF

    For Wounded Soldiers - meet ROBOCHAIR

    I was down in Phoenix at the Scottsdale Ball Park week of 9-17 March San Diego Padres one upped the SF Giants in an exhibition match Savoring the glorious night warmth I walked back to the concession stands and as I was taking in all the Baseball scene Afghanistan walked by on 2 Hitech legs...
  7. 54/102 CEF

    Find Hilda and Her Soldier!

    Click here www.cobwfa.ca/COBWFA2011/ then click the picture of the couple to see a new CBC Video on recently found letters from WW1 Canadian Soldier from Toronto And report back to us all when you find who they were !  :cdn:  :)
  8. 54/102 CEF

    The Diary of Pte Butt - 102nd Bn CEF WW1

    A personal diary I had for the longest time - see the 102nd Bn Website "The Diary of Pte HR Butt" at http://www.102ndbattalioncef.ca/ Enjoy!
  9. 54/102 CEF

    21 Sep 1916 - 2nd Bn CEF gets hit - 19 KIA

    Today is Nov 11, received an email from a lady searching for location of the demise of her relative on 21 Sep 1916 She wrote Thomas Geoffrey Martin was a member of the 54th Battalion and I am trying to research where the Battalion was on Sept. 21st, 1916, the day he went missing. He had...
  10. 54/102 CEF

    3 x Infantry KIA from the CEF 102nd Bn WW1 Remembered

    A little project I worked on. For your Nov 11 up in Mattawa Petawawa area http://www.102ndbattalioncef.ca/102ndbattalioncef.ca/warpages/David%20Antoine/david_antoine.html We remember.
  11. 54/102 CEF

    Grave Rededication - Cpl Alfred Gyde Heaven, MM, 102nd Bn CEF, 22 Sep 2012

    A little story for those of you interested in the Canadian Army in WW1 http://www.102ndbattalioncef.ca/102ndbattalioncef.ca/warpages/Cpl%20AG%20HEAVEN/CPL_AG_HEAVEN.html We remember
  12. 54/102 CEF

    Major CB North - Royal Engineers? WW1

    A lady wrote in about her WW1 Royal Engineer Major father who commanded the 1st Canadian Tunneling Company near Ypres Belgium from 29 May 1916 to 18 Sep 1917 It turned out he was a Canadian Mining Engineer from Nova Scotia who enlisted in Sep 1914 with Canadian Engineers and went over seas. In...
  13. 54/102 CEF

    NHLer Pat Quinn's Grandfather in WW1

    Great Story for you!  http://www.102ndbattalioncef.ca/102ndbattalioncef.ca/warpages/GEORGE%20%20MALCOLM%20IRELAND%20102ND%20-%20Web%20page.htm
  14. 54/102 CEF

    Why Afghanistan ain't going away - Nat POST Article this weekend

    http://natpo.st/Amxg02 Wonder what the odds of a meltdown are before this is all done? Rather than see it as a future Taliban takeover, this is rolling back the clock to the 1893 Durand Line agreement to where the Taliban last left off as a viable independant force See link -...
  15. 54/102 CEF

    Looking back at WW1 Troops from Central Ontario

    Hi Everyone If you've ever wanted  a good intro to background and issues of WW1 and some fanstastic Canadian content have a look at http://www.cobwfa.ca/COBWFA2011/ In March we'll be looking at Passchendaele In April we're supporting the dedication of a Native Canadian's Grave in Toronto and...
  16. 54/102 CEF

    The New Updated 102nd Battalion CEF Site

    Shameless advertising here - the site needed a clean up and Xmas Holidays are just so handy However there's something for Canadian VC history fans at Personalities - Lt Lyall See http://www.102ndbattalioncef.ca/ Happy New Year everyone!
  17. 54/102 CEF

    The Steve Jobs Biography

    Anyone read the bio on Steve Jobs? I just finished it and its quite a read. Some points They got people when they wanted them - unlike our mil or civ recruiting process - especially relevant to reserves I think They fired people when they had to - quickly - no BS Admin Review for him They...
  18. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Callouts Compulsory Transfer to PRL Ottawa

    A while back the Army published a directive to move Reserve pers on callout who weren't in their local unit area and aval for parades, to the Primary Reserve List (PRL). Without going into the why or wherefore of parades were never a part of the deal, if we were supporting the greater need...
  19. 54/102 CEF

    Arty Museum is Shilo - visit May 5 2011

    First trip back since our Phase 1 ROUTP in 74 Here's a slide show on the Museum which is Simply Excellent http://www.cobwfa.ca/COBWFA2011/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=18&Itemid=63 There's a link to the trg area called Camp Hughes which was used pre-1914 to pre-WW2...
  20. 54/102 CEF


    I'm going to Shilo for 28 Apr - 9 May for the Western Defender Activity Does Shilo have Telus coverage or roaming out there? Any news appreciated