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  1. ekpiper

    U.S. Military Desperate To Be Handed Just One Solid War It Can Knock Out Of The

    From the good people with The Onion news: http://www.theonion.com/articles/us-military-desperate-to-be-handed-just-one-solid,27770/ Gave me a few good laughs.  Enjoy!
  2. ekpiper

    NETP-O Dates, Summer 2012

    Does anyone on here happen to have tentative dates for this coming summer's NETP-O?  My former regiment is going on a trip to Dieppe for the 70th Anniversary, and I would at least like to know if it is remotely possible for me to attend and honour the anniversary of the raid.  I've also heard...
  3. ekpiper

    Survey When Logging Onto Logistik Unicorp

    There is a new survey presented to CF members when accessing Clothing Online.  The survey concerns 2 new items:  The Rubber High Black Overshoes: 1) Do you use them? 2) What would you like seen done with them - Discontinued - Upgraded - Kept the same 3) Which improvement would you like to see...
  4. ekpiper

    Rank Lace for Uniforms (Navy)

    Hello, I apologize for having to ask this here, but being ROTP, I am no longer closely attached to a unit from my element within 200km of my location. I am working on getting my uniforms in order now that I am in the Navy, and I have ordered a few extra shoulder board sets.  I purchased some...
  5. ekpiper

    A monstrosity of a mess uniform

    Courtesy of eBay, a "Highly Embroidered RN Jacket" http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-ROYAL-NAVY-OFFICERS-JACKET-HIGHLY-EMBROIDED-/390245129176?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5adc6c1bd8
  6. ekpiper

    MARS III Failure Rate

    Good Day, I had heard previously on here that MARS III was a very difficult trade, with a high failure rate.  While at RMC for Recruit Camp, it was mentioned many times that the fail rate was 72%.  I am now very curious about what aspects of the course are so hard as to cause such a high...
  7. ekpiper

    Term for guns meeting

    What is the name of the distance to where the bullets from 2 wing-fired machine guns meet in front of the pilot? It is the red line in the crude diagram I've attached.  The orange are bullet streams! It has been bugging me for a week now, and I can't think of a way to Google it. Thanks for...
  8. ekpiper

    MARS Training

    Hello everyone.  I'm currently a Corporal with the E&K Scots, and I am an R871 musician (bagpiper).  I am going through university for a computer science degree, and I think that once I am done, I will go in to become a MARS officer.  By that time, I should be roughly a sergeant.  Will I still...
  9. ekpiper


    Hi Everyone.  I've looked through the CFAO and QR&O for information on saluting, but I've not found anything.  I'm looking specifically for when to salute and when not to as far as environment is concerned.  I believe in knowing the rules, through and through, so I wanted to get this figured...