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  1. scaddie

    Really Cool Fitness Initiative

    My unit (I believe it's only my unit, I'm unsure though) just introduced a new fitness initiative to encourage our members to get into better shape. For every five hours of physical activity (ie; running, rucksack march, weight lifting) you receive half of a days pay. We're required to fill out...
  2. scaddie

    Accelerated Nursing Option

    Just wondering if anybody knows where you can take an accelerated nursing program at an accredited university, through ROTP. I'm currently a second year science student, and am considering the two year RN option at Dalhousie University next year. If so, when is the best time to apply? Also, when...
  3. scaddie

    Who Makes Stealth Jackets?

    I've been wanting to buy a stealth jacket for some time, but the size Sm is way too big for me. Does anybody know if they are made by another factory other than Peerless Garments? (I've already contacted them about this) I'm trying to find a retailer that will make me a custom size, since the...
  4. scaddie

    "More Canadian soldiers will likely die in Afghanistan"..

    While reading the paper this morning, I came across this article; "More Canadian soldiers will likely die in Afghanistan as spring melts snow in remote mountain passes, allowing anti-coalition forces to move around more freely, says a Nova Scotia officer stationed in the war-torn country...."...
  5. scaddie

    Sock replacements

    Hey, I'm in need of replacing some of my green socks (The outers for the black/green sock system).  Am I able to exhange them at my clothing stores? I know that in order to get new grey socks, I have to order them online, but the green ones aren't available. Thanks!
  6. scaddie

    Logistik Help

    I've been trying to create an account with Logistik Unicorp for a long time now, only to recieve a message stating I'm not eligible to register. I have called their help desk, and they tell me I am not activated on the system. But my orderly room and my unit tell me I am activated. Has anybody...
  7. scaddie

    DEU's - Slacks?

    Hey, I need to order a new pair of dress pants, because the ones I was initially issued are huge. Even though I'm female, I think that the men's pants would fit me better than the ladies style (Due to the oversized "butt allowance" and pleats in the front). Would it be innapropriate to wear...
  8. scaddie

    Valise Size?

    I'm wondering if anybody knows the size of the issued valise, in litres and in centimeters? I'm looking into buying a new stuff sack, and want to make sure it can fit into my valise.
  9. scaddie

    Pressure Points ? Ouch

    Hey, For the past two weeks I've had extreme pain in both of my calves, but only in a localized area. (Inside of calf, right where my boot ends). And I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced this? I'm thinking that it may be a pressure point caused by my bands/boots, because when I'm...
  10. scaddie

    Can you do this?

    Hey, I am wondering if it's possible to do become a clerk (reserves), without completeing your SQ. My friend mentioned that she only has to do her clerk course this summer, no SQ.
  11. scaddie

    Writing a Memo for absence

    Hey, I did a search and came up with how to properly write a memo, because I missed a training night last week. I'm a little confused as to what I should write because of the format.
  12. scaddie

    Kit Question

    Hey, I just got all my kit to start BMQ later this week. I was asked to bring all of it in on Thursday night, but I'm really wondering as to whether I have to take every single item in? Common sense would lead me to believe that I could leave the small clothing items at home...
  13. scaddie

    Next Step: Waiting Game?

    Hey, I was called today to be informed that my medical form went through in Borden. So, what's after this? Do I just have to wait for another call?
  14. scaddie

    Trades and University

    Hey, I'm in the process of getting in. I do all my testing this coming week. Anyway, I put down Medic, Infantry and SigsOp as my trade choices. I applied to the WNSR, and was told that they were only hiring infantry. But by the time I'm done my BMQ/SQ, I'll have to transfer units due to...
  15. scaddie

    Order of Tests

    I recieved a call today, with the date for my CFAT, Medical and Interview. Although, the physical test wasn't mentioned. Is it odd to do the PT test after all the other testing and interviews have been completed? I am also wondering how formal the interview is. Is it just a no-jeans sort of thing?
  16. scaddie

    BMQ and School

    I was just wondering if anybody has had experience juggling a winter BMQ course, and school at the same time. Hopefully I will get to do my basic starting in November, and from what I was told, it'll be alternating weekends. I'm worried about my marks in school, as this is my last year. Will it...
  17. scaddie


    Many people talk about the size of the Canadian Army... I've often wondered why there isn't much publicity attempting to encourage people to join the forces? There is some, and it has gotten better in the past couple years (television, and websites). It seems like I'm the only one in my...
  18. scaddie

    Employment Intrests

    For the application, is it mandatory that we give three different choices for trades? I've put down medical, and infantry, but there's not much else that I'm interested in.
  19. scaddie


    Okay, this is my second year working as a civi for the CF, and I've finally decided that life would be greener on the other side if I were to join. If everything goes well I'll start my basic training in October. Anyway, I've heard so many rumours about girls in the reserves, and that they're...