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  1. davidk

    5 Sept 09: Yannick Pepin, Jean-Francois Drouin, R.I.P.

    From CBC News, with the usual disclaimers. http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/09/06/afghanistan-canada.html 2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan Two more Canadian soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb explosion Sunday in southern Afghanistan, the military said. Since 2002, 129...
  2. davidk

    BEW shield/sleeve

    Can anyone give me an NSN for the shield/sleeve/cover/thingamajig that protects the BEW from scratches when not in use? I went to clothing stores to obtain such an item but was told by the person at the counter that no such thing has ever been in the system. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. davidk

    Web belt

    I was recently issued a new black web belt, and it seems too wide. I was told its size should be comparable to the white web belt (the rubber one). Does anyone know the appropriate width?
  4. davidk

    All the boot types in the system (and a few that aren't there yet)

    Vern, would you mind enlightening us as to what all these boots are that I'm not entitled to? It's like there's a whole other world of footwear out there that I never knew existed...
  5. davidk

    Pte D. Krystal ---> HighlandIslander

    'Nuff said.
  6. davidk

    Service numbers

    This may have been addressed somewhere before, forgive me if it has... When I joined a couple of years back I got a little slip of paper for with my service number that I had to input for my CFAT. We were told it was a random letter/number combination. Yesterday, looking at the coy paysheet, I...
  7. davidk

    Medcat and Promotion Thread- Merged

    I was recently diagnosed with a chronic GI disease, and was placed on TCAT while awaiting a decision from Ottawa as to whether I get medically released or not. However, I'm overdue for promotion. My BOR won't start paperwork until the doctor says that I can be promoted, but the one I spoke to in...
  8. davidk

    Fortissimo 2007 - Ottawa, Aug. 16, 17, 18

    Just a reminder that the Ceremonial Guard is holding its annual Fortissimo event on the evenings of August 16 to 18, at Parliament Hill, 1845 hours. Performances by the Continuity Drill Team of CG, the Central Band of the CF, North Irish Territorial Band, and several others.
  9. davidk

    Front page user poll

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something, or if it's an inside joke or what, but the user poll on the front page always seems poorly phrased, and more to the point, rather silly. Take the current one, for example... Should the army force people that join in to do some number of year as infantry...
  10. davidk

    Boot lacing

    Hey everyone, I just got a nice new pair of Mk. III boots, and was wondering just what the correct way to lace them was. If anyone has a diagram or instructions it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  11. davidk

    BMQ in Laval

    Well, this isn't a "joining the CF" story, it's more of an "at the CF" story, which is still in progress. I'm at Reserve BMQ in Laval, training to be with the Black Watch. Follow it if you wish, comments are always appreciated. http://davidkrystal.blogspot.com/