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  1. MedCorps

    Documentary: The Lost Platoon

    If you have some time to burn, just came across this documentary which is part of a series.  I cannot comment on the series, but I can comment on this episode.  Title: The Lost Platoon. By: Dan Reid. It was part of a BBC series called "Our War" and is Series 2, Episode 3/3. For one hour...
  2. MedCorps

    Military pay while under civilian imprisonment

    Hello all... I cannot seems to put my finger on the reference and was hoping some admin ninja might be able to point me in the right direction. Situation: A CAF Regular Force member receives the punishment of civilian imprisonment by a civilian court. Question: What is the status of his/her...
  3. MedCorps


    I am having a brain fart and looking for a sig to sort me out... Does a LSVW CP: 1) always tow a generator trailer 2) the generator carried in the CP and then dismounted Finally, can the LSVW CP run off vehicle power when running? Thx MC
  4. MedCorps

    Major (Ret'd) Susan Groves, CD, CFMS

    Major (Ret'd) Susan Groves, CD, CFMS It is with sadness we advise of the passing of Maj (Ret'd) Susan Groves, who lost her battle with cancer.  Susan’s funeral will be at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, on Friday February 5th. We will be prepared to greet guests at noon, there will be a service...
  5. MedCorps

    MP Response to fire - Split from First infantry regular force female LCol.

    She was a Major in R22eR in 2014 when she had a Courts Martial. http://decisia.jmc-cmj.forces.gc.ca/jmc-cmj/cm/en/item/98921/index.do?r=AAAAAQAIV2VsbHdvb2QB Interesting case.  Nice to see that the reprimand did not affect her career. I have crossed paths with LCol Wellwood on a number of...
  6. MedCorps

    LCol Erin Savage, CD - The RCMS

    From the Royal Canadian Medical Service Association.  LCol Savage was a Medical Officer serving in the Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters.  --- It is with great regret that I would like to inform you of the passing of Lieutenant Colonel Erin Christine Savage. LCol Savage...
  7. MedCorps


    Does anyone know if the C2 Support Kit Overhead Protection (SKOP) is still in the system? Likewise is the Mark III Field Shelter (MEXE) skill in the system? Thanks, MC
  8. MedCorps

    Advanced Training

    A friend of mine compiled for a project a list of the FY 2011/12 specialty specifications (SS).  I found it quite interesting and thought that it might be interesting, even for those not in the CF and it is somewhat indicative of what opportunities are available for each MOC.  The warnings that...
  9. MedCorps

    Cdn Institute of Strategic Studies

    Does anyone know what happened to the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies? They have a website: http://www.ciss.ca/ But the buy online option for purchasing military books is defunct, and the contact information does not seem to work.  It seems as if they have not been too active since...
  10. MedCorps

    CFMS Members

    I am looking to hear from any of the following members of the Canadian Forces Medical Service as I am researching CFMS history from 1965 to 1991 and these people have something in common which is of interest to me. I would also be interesting in hearing from anyone who was on course with these...
  11. MedCorps

    RCAChC / RCAMC members 1959-1962

    I am looking for anyone with knowledge of joint Royal Canadian Army Chaplains Corps / Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Officer training that took place at the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps School from 1959 to 1962.  I would especially like to hear from the following people / people who...
  12. MedCorps

    Defeating IED's Conference

    I reckoned this might be of interest to some of the C-IED / Fd Engr types. Defeating IED's Conference in Washington, DC (well, really in VA, right down the road from DC) from 6-7 May 09.  Looks like a good line-up of speakers.  https://www.ttcus.com/ied/ Cheers, MC
  13. MedCorps

    More LOSV's

    I was looking for something on MERX tonight and came across three Notices of Proposed Procurement totaling 72 band-spanken new Light Over Snow Vehicles (read: snowmobile) for the CF.  W0127-08P035/A, - 35 for Edmonton (closed) W8476-090742/A, - 7 for Borden (closed) W0130-08405L/A - 30 for 25...
  14. MedCorps

    Weapon Cleaning

    Hello, I am in the process of reviewing the recent (2008) US Army publication FM 3-21-75 The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills. The section on personal weapons care reads: 2-6. Never clean your weapon under running water, which can force moisture into tight places, resulting in...
  15. MedCorps

    CF H Svc Centre

    Quick questions... does anyone know which CF H Svcs units provides medical support to: CFS Dundurn CFB Goose Bay ASU Northern Ontario in Sault Ste Marie CFS St John’s CFJHQ Yellowknife Cheers, MC
  16. MedCorps

    After Action Review

    This is from a discussion on another means.  I reckoned it might be of interest to some of the CFMS pers here to talk about.  Good lessons learned from it.  Mods:  No fear it is all open-source.  Situation: Special Operations Task Force (TF) conducts an assault to kill or capture a high...
  17. MedCorps

    Invisible Wounds of War

    The RAND Corporation has just released the monograph Invisible Wounds of War: Psychological and Cognitive Injuries, Their Consequences, and Services to Assist Recovery It is American centric, but is a good read if you are interested in these things.  It deals with both Iraq and Afghanistan.   ...
  18. MedCorps

    Crypto History Pubs

    Mods:  Not sure if this should be here or in Military History.  Please feel free to move if I screwed up.  The United States National Security Agency (the people responsible for the US Signals Intelligence – SIGINT – program) has put out the first few publications in their declassification...
  19. MedCorps

    Weapon Locating Radar System and Carrier

    Not sure if anyone has seen this on MERX but an LOI (W8476-070006/A) came out a week ago or so for a new Medium Range Radar for Weapon Locating complete with Carrier.  Specs being requested are ARTHUR'esqe.  The LOI reads as follows: Nature of Requirement: Medium Range Radar (MRR) ID...
  20. MedCorps

    Medium Support Vehicle System

    For those interesting in vehicle procurement... A MERX Notice - Letter of Interest went out last Wednesday (12/3/08) for the SMP (aka "the tactical truck) part of the Medium Support Vehicle System.  Why a new LOI for a project that is already had an LOI issued (the first one went out 1 Feb...