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    Carl G

    Been away from Carl for many years Does it have enough punch power to disable a modern mbt? Or it only good on modern apcs and bunkers? Curious since Canada is sending them overseas Thanks Opie
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    Renfrew Ontario 11 November 2021 Service

    This does not fit in any where but hope maybe some one will see it and understand the thanks I was asked to help set up the crosses and wreaths at the Cenotaph as the local veterans are aging and the Legion is getting smaller. So when I got the call from my former Platoon Commander to come...
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    Toronto Airshow 2021

    I debated going or not going to the Airshow in Toronto over the weekend. I checked the website for the show and it only showed a couple aircraft of interest, so I decided it was not worth the 10 hours of driving there and back. So anyone attend, what did I miss besides the F35?
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    Old uniforms questions

    I work for a property management company, and one of my tenants is a thift store and I am amazed as what is donated some days. They got in a Navy uniform Deu black jacket and pants, has Canada on the shoulders, Navy buttons, and PO2 rank on the arms. They were asking me if they are allowed...
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    educate me please on navy guns

    Type 45 destroyer armed with BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun. How much damage could it do to another destroyer? I am just curious. I realize they use the missiles to take out other ships at longer ranges than naval gun fire. Could they do still beach landings with navy gun fire or those days over?
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    Medical Evac helicopters

    I think I know the answer but I could be wrong. I was watching a video of Facebook of the exercise in Wainwright going on. It showed a US Army Blackhawk with the Red Cross markings on it. I have never seen Canadian Forces Helicopter with Red Cross markings, does the CF have dedicated...
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    Old photos from work.

    These pictures have been on display for years on a wall at a work site. They are fade and dirty but thought some of you might enjoy them.
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    RMC Grad Parade?

    I found this picture on the wall where I work. It is badly faded, been on the wall for over 20 years. Thought some of you RMC Grads might enjoy the peek in the past. It is faded and very dirty, but maybe some one remembers it.
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    Special Forces pulls new pistols from service after soldier injured in misfire

    Just read this on the CBC https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/special-forces-pistols-1.5897942?fbclid=IwAR2hOfB--ZwvkIAkC_Hk_7VhexWztAdH77BrGKWw5Mmo3W4idbVd0QAGaRY I see flash backs to the RCMP and the MP5s in the 90s? Is it training or lack of training or is the Sig P320 really a bad weapon. Not...
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    All Things CAF and Covid/ Covid Vaccine [merged]

    I just saw the post on social media about the army plan about giving the vaccine to the troops. can a soldier refuse the vaccine? Or refuse any other medical treatment or vaccine? I ask here because it is not news worthy and I did not want to take away from more important questions. I always...
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    Search and Rescue questions, no i do not want to be one, just curious

    I am hoping maybe some one here can answer a few questions. 1) Who calls the Joint Rescue Center for help? Can anyone call for rescue or does it have to come from another government department? 2) How long does it take to get a crew ready to fly the rescue mission? 3) How long would it take a...
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    Seen on Highway 17 west of Ottawa, last few days

    I drive back and forth to Ottawa every day for work and was never one to memorize every  kind of tracked, wheeled  armoured vehicle . But over the last few days I have seen a few non Canadian tracked and wheeled vehicles being flat bedded. One looked like a smaller tank, maybe a CRV from the...
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    what is barrack life like right now?

    I lived in barracks for 5 years at former Base Toronto,  never had social distancing to deal with.  So what is barrack life now? Mess  halls how are they handling things? Just curious about new rules etc
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    what if question, need some direction

    let's say you wake up tomorrow and are told you may  have a deadly disease. everyone who knows you tells you must fight it to the  end because you are a dad,  because you are young and have full life a head of you. just a lot of tests to confirm or rule out the disease. first thing you do is ...
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    what was seen on the highway 17 just west of Ottawa

    I was driving into Ottawa this morning around 0715 on Highway  17 west of Ottawa. No pictures but on 2 normal sized low boy trailers, not the heavy duty trailers. There were 2 M109s in fresh paint and decals. I am guessing some place is about to get a gate keeper. I have seen Leo Tanks being...
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    looking for a printable artillery cap badge

    I did not want to post this in the wrong forum, so I picked this one. Looking for a hi res artillery cap badge, not the  actual cap badge but one of coloured pictures, used as stickers etc. Has to be of good enough quality to be printed 18 x 24 inches. I searched Google and could not find one...
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    Looking for help finding movie " Canadian Black Watch Regiment" Reg Force

    Training film fans I am looking for a copy of training film from late 50s early 60s The Black Watch Regiment doing armored car training. Could of been filmed in Germany or Gagetown. Anyone know how to find a copy? Never seem it personally, only heard stories about it. Former CO is in it...
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    Major Murray Remus, retired Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment

    Murray Remus died April 29, 2017 Long time member of the Regiment. No funeral arrangements published yet.
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    PTSD blame game questions

    I am putting this here just to get some feedback back, not to take away from those who suffer or are living with this mental and physical issue every day we have named PTSD. History, I had a great uncle, lied about his age to get into WW2, he was 11  when he tried, he failed, he was caught. At...
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    on hwy 17 heading east to Ottawa 21 Jan 2016

    On my way  home today I happened to see one of the new replacement trucks for the MLVW ( not sure of the new name) towing a trailer, a quick glance as it was going the other direction. I saw what  looked like small gun on the trailer. It was not a 105mm but looked more WW2 vintage from size of...