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    Harper in Afghanistan on unannounced visit

    Naptha is a product of crude oil, much like gasoline only a lot finer and lighter. Sometimes called white gas, it is highly flamable and used in camping stoves and lanterns, which is how we employ it. There was an incident in Bosnia in the 1990's when a senior NCO who was disliked by his troops...
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    Harper in Afghanistan on unannounced visit

    I understand, i get it but, is that a comment you would make? I put nothing past the obviously liberal influenced media. With cameras present, i usually subscribe to the theory "it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it". As far as the...
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    Harper in Afghanistan on unannounced visit

    There is no doubt in my mind that some people in KAF did have "better things to do", but don't you think by now that we should have learned to contuct ourselves with a little more tact and grace than uttering a comment like "what a waste of a morning", especially in front of the media? And as...
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    GREAT Treadmill Training (Increase your Endurance)

    I will have to give it a go, as long as i can get an MP3 version of it, as for those of you have strained to hear your own music with a stereo blasting in the gym, my suggestion is to invest in noise canceling head phones, unfortunately the good ones are not cheap!
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    Liberals furious over Harper's Taliban remarks

    Gimpy, I don't understand why you are comparing Mulroney and his Progressive conservatives to Harper and his Conservative party, lets not forget that they are two different animals. As for the Liberal party, Closing of CFB Chilliwack and a few other bases, the "incentive freeze" from 1993 till...
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    LSVW what happened?

    Ah the 5 ton! I can not believe that people complained about getting rid of that wrecker to make way for the HLVW. Q: Why do brits drink warm beer? A: Lucas makes fridges! A little Landrover/Triumph humor for you Colin, and if your rovers a gasser, you'll definately know what i am talking about...
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    LSVW what happened?

    Colin I agree, but EVERYTHING about the ML needs to be updated. from the grease lubed wheel bearings you need to put a chunk of cork in to keep the gear oil out on up. I will agree we need to keep mil vehicles simple, personally i am still a big fan of vehicles that can still operate if the...
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    LSVW what happened?

    My fitter was great, we had a resurgence in 1 svc bn a couple years ago (2001ish) and used them on every ex! The heater always worked and nav with the PLGR was simple cause it was all x-country, on the down side my elbows did tend to get a little beat up in the crew cmdrs hatch. Both my...
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    LSVW what happened?

    As for finding a use for the LS, give them to all of the schools throughout Canada and use them for training only. Operationally, i cant see anything good about them unless your just running around the FOB. I worked on and drove all 3 of the trucks you mentioned LR, and I can say with a great...
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    LSVW what happened?

    F.I.A.T. Fix It Again Tony! There is no good points about that P.O.S. We should have bought Hummers. When Gen. Brewer (DGLEM at the time) came to visit us maintainers in Bosnia 2000, the first thing he did was apoligise for the Little Squeeky Vehicle Wheeled. (Actually, he did say LSVW, but I...
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    New PT Test Requirements...Thoughts?

    Well the last 12 pages was a somewhat interesting read. As far as this new policy goes, and to echo a little of 2Cdo's statements, it's about freaken time they did something like this. Being in my mid thirties and having joined in 1990 I have had an intresting vantage point. I seem to have...
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    I think he's right,  AML 90
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Hey, Teddy, Don't be, I totally suck at AFV, i just know that front fender pretty well. Helped restore a few for the museum in Chilliwack.....when it was there. :) http://www.pmulcahy.com/wheeled_apcs/salvadoran_wheeled_apcs.htm Had to add the link, love the night vision on this thing
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    It almost looks like some kind of armoured 40's Dodge power wagon (M-37, if i recall)
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    Best Air Support ?

    Forget AC-130's, if we are going to have heavy lift helos, then it only makes sense to buy escorts to fit the same bill. correct me if i an wrong, but we are using our hercs in a operational role and not so much a tactical one, so once we get some true tactical airlift, ie. chinooks, we will...
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    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    At first i wanted to tell this dickhead to pull back his foreskin and have a look at todays Canadian Military. We are not conscripts, we are a volunteer military, some of us, male or female, even joined because we wanted the life, not just a job or a paycheck. Then i thought about a few comments...
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    New CF Fitness Policies Coming

    You could always just component transfer.
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    What makes a good Officer? What makes a bad Officer?

    I tend to lean towards the LICK princapal when it comes to leadership, Loyality: Both up and down Integrity Courage Knowledge. Fight only two kinds of battles, the ones you can win and the ones you look good losing!!!! At the end, remember, as a Commander there are usually a great number of...
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    The CSOR Acronym Thread, split from Re: Tan berets and other CSOR fashions

    i think they are talking about 1 CER!
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    The C7 Assault Rifle, M16, & AR15 family (C7A1, C7A2, C7 replacment, and C7 vs M16)

    I agree with Kal. Flashman, you talk like you are the only one who has used this stuff before. As far as daylight shooting in my limited choices go, the iron sights would be for daylight engagments, vis laser for perhaps house clearing, and ir laser for night work. having friends on both the...