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  1. 2 Cdo

    Infantry wearing black berets?

    I seen in the Maple leaf that PPCLI troops were marched out of 1PPCLI and over to the LDSH as part of the new DFS organization. As part of this they will wear black berets, the CO is a Strat and the Ops O is a Patricia but ultimately it is a tanker organization. I'm wondering about a few things...
  2. 2 Cdo

    Col Peter Kenward

    If anyone has a contact number or e-mail for Col Kenward could you PM me. We served together in 2 Cdo and a retired member is trying to locate him. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. 2 Cdo

    George Bush visit

    I'm curious about the visit today of Pres. Bush. What I'm really curious about is how long will it take for the professional protesters to start acting with violence and random acts of destruction. The right to protest and voice your opinion is fine, but how do they plan to have their voices...