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    WTS - Warrior gear CADPAT tac-vest w/ CP Gear pouches

    Letting this go as I have a new baby on the way. Has been used on exercises for the last year and a half. A big upgrade over the issued tac vest and since it has a shape real close the issued thing I always got away with it. Here's whats included: 1x Warrior Gear tac vest in cadpat: One size...
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    FS - Complete CP Gear/Blackhawk/Warrior Gear jump ruck cadpat

    Up for grabs is my CP Gear 64 ruck Gen4 in cadpat complete with Blackhawk! Enhanced Alice Shoulder straps, Warrior Gear kidney pad/Back pad, CP Gear A7A Straps and 3 Carcajou Cadpat modular pouches and US issued ALICE frame (which I find is a better fitting that the 64 frame). Ruck is in great...