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    Got my Offer today.

    So I just received my Letter of Offer. I applied as a Signals but it appears that my 2nd choice was offered as Armour. I have been on the list for a year now, about to sign the letter and submit it. Didn't think it would happen but poking the recruiter every month must have worked. I think...
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    Interview - Is this Typical?

    I just recently got my interview for DEO Sig.. It was a about 20 minutes long. I was just asked maybe 3 questions that stood out about personal background. Which were answered in about two sentences. Very short. No follow ups. Then like 5-6 questions. Are you ok with this?, do you consent to...
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    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    Good Morning I applied for DEO for Signals DEO, my other choices are at this point a moot point at this point. (Int/Logs) I have completed mid September the CFAT test and had a very good follow up call same day with a Captain. My current career is in IT and I have been doing in it for close to...