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  1. mondo

    OP Desert Griz

    Who all is going on the board? Anyone know whats going on down there yet? Maybe meet up with some of you for the first time, have a beer on the american turf!!!
  2. mondo

    DP1 - Field guns course

    As a post - secondary student this course is being offered from my unit. How is it for timewise, as we have not recieved a schedule yet I was wondering if anyone that has taken the course could ellude to the length of it! Is it weekends/weeknights, how many hrs that sorta thing. thanks in...
  3. mondo

    Unit training with local police service

    Recently our unit has begun training with our local police service, and the SWAT team for the city. I am very excited with the new information we are recieving and covering such topics as: 1. Self defense tactics 2. Arrest / Takedown maneuvers 3. CQB / Room clearing As our unit has recently...
  4. mondo

    Backpay and promotions

    How does it work? when does entitlment start for the lower NCO ranks compared to your date of enrollment? thanks in advance
  5. mondo

    lost military id card

    so, here goes a story of a friend of mine in the reserves. he lost his wallet, about 6 months ago with his miltary ID card in it. Now they want to replace his "lost" card, and he hasn't told anyone about his loss. Now they are going to charge him if he doesnt produce his lost/stolen card, in...
  6. mondo

    Hey course results

    Was wondering if anyone knew how the bmq course thats running in edmonton, started around the 4-7th is doing
  7. mondo

    blackhawk industries

    hey everyone, does anyone have the name / website or number for the canadian dealer/vendor of their products, its something like p nicholl or something . com but i can't google it... need to place an order thanks in advance!  :salute:
  8. mondo

    Helitack summer work vs Army employment

    Hello everyone in the forums, Was wondering with the varying backgrounds you all bring to the forums, has anyone done Helitack Firefighting for summer employment in years past? I am pondering if I should accept my contract for this, or take my Class B contract that the army wants to give me for...
  9. mondo

    small pack system

    good day, was wondering when we will see this piece of kit in the system?
  10. mondo

    Wondering about next roto

    I am a reserve cpl with an air defence unit, i would like to be deployed with the next roto in aghanistan. what/how do i go about doing this?