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  1. 4CDO PARA

    WTB- CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag or mag pouches.

    1. Ruck bag [emoji736] 2. IFAK [emoji736] 3. Still looking to buy CADPAT TW Mag pouches or Molle BELT
  2. 4CDO PARA

    WTB- CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag or mag pouches.

    Still Looking. Will look at any high quality CADPAT TW pouches also.
  3. 4CDO PARA

    WTB- CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag or mag pouches.

    Cheers, it appears their 5 pocket bags are no longer on their website, no tear away IFAK or mag pouches without buckles either.
  4. 4CDO PARA

    WTB- CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag or mag pouches.

    Want to Buy (WTB)- 1. CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag 2. Tear away IFAK or 3. CADPAT TW mag pouches (preferably similar to the triple pictured below, but looking for doubles that carry 2 mags each)
  5. 4CDO PARA

    FREE Model Airplane collection WWII-Present

    Free Model Airplane collection, WWII-Present, military and civilian aircraft, expertly assembled and ready for display.  Display cases come free too, pick up only in Kingston, Ontario.
  6. 4CDO PARA

    Psychological Operations

    There are PSYOPS elements within each Army Reserve brigade and a full time Influence Activities Task Force. 
  7. 4CDO PARA

    HSGI Warlord, pistal mag pouches and a number of custom items in CADPAT TW

    What model Warlord is it? Are the mag pouches and utility pouches removable via molle?
  8. 4CDO PARA

    Any Canadian Para Videos Out There?

    If you are referring to the Quicktime vids, you have to click and drag the corner of the window to increase the size of the screen and still be able to use the controls. Maybe a techie on here can offer a better solution?
  9. 4CDO PARA

    QOR Airborne Coy & proposed Airborne Battalion

    Nothing has been mentioned officially, but as the only reserve unit with a current Para tasking, we are of course keeping our fingers crossed for a role in any expansion of the Parachute capabilities in the CF. I know that it will certainly be a topic of discussion at the upcoming RCMI Airborne...
  10. 4CDO PARA

    QOR Airborne Coy & proposed Airborne Battalion

    BINGO! You nailed it. That is what I was trying to communicate with the bold and italic "this training is unit specific"
  11. 4CDO PARA

    Where is the new Scarborough Armoury?

    The Dalton Armoury is located at 37 Mid-Dominion Acres in Scarborough. It is off of Milner avenue, between Markham and McCowen roads. It is operational now, housing Buffs Company of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. The official grand opening is on Saturday, 22 April 2006. There will be a...
  12. 4CDO PARA

    QOR Airborne Coy & proposed Airborne Battalion

    I know I have posted on this topic before, but since it has come up again here goes... 1- The QOR was tasked to provide a platoon to augment 3CDO 2- That tasking was later increased to a Company size augmentation to 3CDO 3- After the disbandment of the Cdn AB Rgt., the unit was tasked to...
  13. 4CDO PARA

    Canadian PRT Troops in Kandahar pictures

    The guy with the Ring on is an Infantry Reservist with the "48th Highlanders" from Toronto. The ring is a regimental ring that every 48th soldier wears. You can never get those guys to take it off. The guy with the ball cap that everyone seems so interested in is an Afghan Soldier assigned to...
  14. 4CDO PARA

    Any Canadian Para Videos Out There?

    Check out the Queen's Own Rifles home page. They have re-posted a series of short videos of footage from the QOR PARA COY. There are also some more recent QOR Para videos that they are planning to post soon. www.qor.com AIRBORNE!
  15. 4CDO PARA

    Joining a Regular Force Parachute Company

    I think those interested in joining a Para Coy will benefit from my attempt to clarify a few points here for GO! in reference to his previous comments; " Units like the QOR do mostly administrative DZs and associated activities. For them, and anyone else who has'nt actually done an exercise...
  16. 4CDO PARA

    Queens Own Rifles of Canada - Question

    MikeM is correct. The only other way to jump with the unit is to join having already earned your wings by taking your para course as a cadet. Even then, you are not allowed to wear maroon, not eligible to earn white wings, and not a member of the Para Coy until you are fully MOC qualified. Also...
  17. 4CDO PARA


    I loved this book. The trick is not talking like it after reading it. On the Bounce troops!
  18. 4CDO PARA

    Canadian Military Slang

    SPPT (Self Propelled Pop-Up Targets ) = infantry bullet catchers = infantry growlies = food( i.e. take 10, brew up and get some growlies into ya )
  19. 4CDO PARA

    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    I found a video focusing on a female Pte. in 1VP. She discusses what it is like to be in the infantry. Hope it helps. Scroll down to the video titled "Canadian Forces Infantry Private".   http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca/video/archive.asp