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  1. GunnerGleadall

    H-Huts in CFB Shilo

    Does anyone remember the H-Huts near the jump tower in CFB Shilo?  When our regiment was still located at CFB Fort Osborne Barracks, we would stay in the H-Huts when were were not sleeping in tents when on exercise. There were some really great memories their; however, when I last looked, all of...
  2. GunnerGleadall

    The "Red Blanket Treatment"

    In July of 1967, I enlisted in the Army (Artillery) at the Recruiting Centre, on St. Clair Ave. Toronto.  At that time, I was sent to CFB, Downsview for my orientation.  After one week and a really short haircut four other new recruits plus myself were sent out to CFB Shilo, Manitoba for our...
  3. GunnerGleadall

    "K" rations and MRE'S

    From 1967 to 1970, I was stationed at the 3rd RCHA, Winnipeg, Manitoba and when our Battery was on exercise, we desperately tried to enjoy those tasty meals that were supplied in our “K” rations.  The only problem was that all of the rations at that time were dated 1953 and 1954.  By then, the...
  4. GunnerGleadall

    CADPAT clothing and equipment.

    [font=times new roman]To all those on civy street who like to play at being weekend warriors and who by hook or crook do everything in their power to get their little meat hooks on CADPAT  clothing and equipment.  Know this; there are only two ways to get these items legally. First, stop...
  5. GunnerGleadall

    Pay Parade

    When I was in the 3rd RCHA, during the mid to late 1960’s soldiers had to attend “Pay Parade” in order to receive their pay. Each individual would march up one at a time and the officer would count out the cash to every soldier. At that time, our wages were nowhere near as much as the average...
  6. GunnerGleadall

    To all soldiers up to 1970.

    Any soldier that lived in the regular forces up to 1970 will no doubt remember our winter Battle dress uniforms as well as our summer dress T-dub uniform.  At that time we would wear a beige cream yellow web belt with our parade dress. Over these many decades later, I still have my parade web...
  7. GunnerGleadall

    Do you remember ?

    Hi: Does anyone remember the following soldiers from the 3rd RCHA, "G" Battery, CFB Fort Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the years of 1967 to 1970?: MWO Denny Larkin, "G" Battery MWO Tommy Larkin, "J" Battery Sargent Mullins, "G" Battery Bdr. Pat Lavery, "G" Battery Gunner Brian...
  8. GunnerGleadall

    Looking for Gunners from 3rd RCHA "G" Battery

    Hi: Are there any Gunners from the 3rd RCHA, "G" Battery, CFB Fort Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg, Manitoba, from the time period of 1964 to 1970 out there?  As well, I am also looking for soldiers from Depot training that were in 159, 160, or 161 Troop, CFB Shilo in 1967.  It would be great to...