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  1. Magravan

    NATO Warns AFG Children About Toy Guns

    We don't buy them for our kids, and throw them out if someone else gets them or they come in loot bags or whatever... It doesn't matter that it was a fake if they are dead because a cop mistook it for real... Parents need to think about how it will affect their child... Because really, no one...
  2. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    Does anyone have the Course Title, Course Number and Platoon number for the 0087 course? (I'm not sure which 0087, but I presume Course Number) I am trying to give out my mailing address for people to send letters, but I don't have the piece of paper that has this information...
  3. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    0087 and 0088 start this time around, 0089 and presumably 0090 (not sure about 0090) start a week later... I had a few people from my group starting a week later than me..
  4. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    So... Those Merit Boards for D.E.O. are pretty awesome, eh? ... What thread derailment?  ???
  5. Magravan

    Taliban commander vows bloody 2007 in Afghanistan & Mullah Omar threatens to intensify the war.

    And the more that they piss off the locals, the more that the locals wonder exactly why they would want to subject themselves to this again... So long as we keep giving them an alternative, I don't see the Taliban killing the locals as a particularly bright move for the long term.
  6. Magravan

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    I can never remember where I parked it... We parked under the plane dear, remember? I told you we'd have trouble backing out, but oh no, you wouldn't hear of it...
  7. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    Hey, if we learned nothing else from Basic Up, it was that if we didn't remember to bring a photo, our M/Cpl would have one of his mom to provide :D I'm just curious if anyone's going to hold out for it... We never did get to see what she looked like :P
  8. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    I'm wondering if anyone is going to opt for the M/Cpl's mom ;)
  9. Magravan

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    I'd subscribe to a channel running this just to see if DuMont passes...
  10. Magravan

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    I wonder if this is the start to a "DuMont" catch phrase whenever someone is telling someone else to do something :D
  11. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    I'm the same boat ;) Time to finish buying up the supplies, packing the bags and having the parties :D
  12. Magravan

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    I like the bottom one :) I thought the caption for the first one was going to read: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Because this is what you get when you slash our budget."
  13. Magravan

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    My understanding was that he was checking the watch regarding the time that it is open, and whether or not she had time to already do this. I haven't been there though, so I have no idea :) I'm defintiely not speaking from experience here.
  14. Magravan

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    The Master Corporal was the gentleman who left earlier... The fellow getting reamed on this board expressly states that he is not a freakin' Master Corporal :D
  15. Magravan

    Merit boards for D.E.O.

    I've invited some of my extended family... Better make it 12 parts water, 1 part American Beer, or we'll all have alcohol poisoning by the 15 minute mark... :)
  16. Magravan

    Article on BMQ

    Excellent article... I enjoyed reading it.
  17. Magravan

    NewPoll... Who should be our next Primeminister?

    I just want to see public opinion of Canada after our PM uses a Lightsaber to wade through a meeting... Imagine the bargaining position we'd be in with a Death Star parked out a little beyond the moon :D
  18. Magravan

    CFAdmin playing Grinch in Africa?

    Seems to be a theme on the board at the moment... Don't spend any money, because they aren't sure if they'll want some of it back for some reason or another :)
  19. Magravan

    One Tax for the CF.

    So... Pay taxes as though you got sent to the worst place tax-wise, so that you are assured that an unexpected posting doesn't cost you? Anything that you overpay is like a lump sum at the end? But then, you are giving the government a tax-free loan, as someone mentioned in another thread about...
  20. Magravan

    "In a class all of his own..."

    We lose something, but I believe that it is a step in a positive direction... He is not a member of an illustrious group with a vast past, but he is a man starting a new tradition. I highly doubt that when he thinks about it, he laments what he isn't. The respect from his country, the peers that...