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  1. Spr.Earl

    !949 Mutinies'

    Sent to me by a fellow Merchant Seaman In the late winter of 1949, the RCN was shaken by three almost simultaneous cases of mass insubordination variously described as "Incidents" or "Mutinies": On February 26, when the destroyer HMCS Athabaskan was on a fuelling stop at Manzanillo, Colima...
  2. Spr.Earl

    U.S.S Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin firing her 16" gun's for the last time. Note the camera crew filiming and the Officer in the bridge. ::) http://shock.military.com/Shock/videos.do?displayContent=164747&ESRC=soldiertech.nl
  3. Spr.Earl

    Finding the Fallen

    A program on the History Channel. They research WW I trench line's friend and foe and come up with amazing result's like returning  personal belonging's to next of kin.
  4. Spr.Earl

    100 th Annvesary of the Seaforth's

  5. Spr.Earl

    WWI Dairy

    This is a blog. Start from day 1,it's all the letter's the soldier sent home and what he recived from home. http://wwar1.blogspot.com/ Start from day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a good read as it's take's you back in time,in a time when people wrote letter's and look at the hand writting.
  6. Spr.Earl

    Royal Canadian Legion,ANAVETS

    To one and all we are losing our Legion's and ANAVET's Club's. Let's not let them die!! Did you know if you have problem's with anything to do with a Veteran Affairs they will help you. KEEP THE LEGION AND ANAVETS ALIVE JOIN TO DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Spr.Earl

    6Fd Sqn. 100th

    6Fd's 100th Anniversary is coming up next year and this is a WARNING ORDER TO ALL who have served with 6Fd including RSS Staff,I will be posting the intel as it come's in. If you are ex 6Fd or ex RSS  Satff please feel free to pm me with your contact info and I will get back to you. Also we...
  8. Spr.Earl

    Pete Pitcher

    To all the Sappers who served with Pete in 3FD Sqn and 1 CER he has just been awarded the OMM.
  9. Spr.Earl


    Oh my lot's off little boat's scooting around Vancouver harbour practising looking for baddies this day. Preparing for sea borne invastion  our we?
  10. Spr.Earl

    On the West Coast.

    Mike at certain time's of the 24 hour clock I can't log in and if I do the site is so slow I log out and even then the site hang's. This is around about any where from 22:00 to 04;00 hrs? Is your machine sucking back and reloading ? Just wondering. Nick
  11. Spr.Earl

    All Sappers Cenotaph

    Sat 7 Nov is the re-dedication of All Sappers' Cenotaph in Vedder Crossing.
  12. Spr.Earl

    Question of the Second.

    After WWI what was the loss of the male population of France? This also includes wounded.
  13. Spr.Earl

    Spr Earl's Father in the French Legion.

    My father in the Legion in Sidi Alabas in 1949.
  14. Spr.Earl

    6Fd Co. R.C.E.

    I have been informed tha tthe article's on 6Fd Co are copyrighted so I have deleted them till I hear it is ok to repost them. Sorry about that.
  15. Spr.Earl


    Just a shout out there to the pilot's out there. How goes it? Nick P.S. If your in town mid May may see you.
  16. Spr.Earl

    Geneva Convention

    After 32 yrs in the Militia I decided to look up the Geneva Convention in regards to expanding bullit's because our Police Service's in Canada use them yet we as Soldier's,Airman,Navy are not allowed under the Geneva Convention's. Under the Convention's  of 1899 expanding bullit's where out...
  17. Spr.Earl


    ABU SAYYAF SUSPECT IN BEHEADING OF MARINES CAPTURED IN ZAMBOANGA CITY Another suspect in the July 2007 massacre of 14 Philippine Marine soldiers in Basilan was captured by operatives of the Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response (PACER) in Zamboanga City over the weekend. Abdulkab BALAHIM...
  18. Spr.Earl

    Pete Doman

    I'm here in the P.I. and just got a email from a retired officer from the ferries saying Pete was killed in a car accident. "Hi Nick,  Just a note to say Hi. I also have some bad news Pete Doman was kill last week. A good sapper gone." Is this true? My heart is taking a beating right now...
  19. Spr.Earl

    Cpl.Ken Canning,I PP

    I attended Ken's retirement this eve after his service of 32 yrs in the Forces. Yup he re mustered as old soldiers do to Carpenter, this eve I did not know we had old Pat's amongst us when I learnt of another by the name Beasly from the 1st Bat.. To all please promulgate that Cpl Ken Canning...
  20. Spr.Earl

    6 FES going to 39 CER

    From a email I received Hello everyone Well it is happening. On 3 May 08 39 CER is being stood up and 6 FES is becoming part of the regiment.  The last parade, in DEUs, of 6 FES, as an independent unit is happening on Weds night, 23 April 08. Maj Grant Acheson is taking over 54 ES in...