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  1. andpro


    I am going tomorrow to get my joining instructions for IAP and figuring out what I am going to do for my EWAT. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who could tell me what to expect when it comes to EWAT? If I have some choice as to what I will do is there any recommendations as to...
  2. andpro

    Remembrance day ceremony in Ottawa

    I was wondering how many members on here were thinking about going to the remembrance day ceremony in Ottawa? If there is enough people maybe we should have an army.ca delegation.
  3. andpro

    Reg Force volunteering with Cadets

    I was trying to find out the policy on reg force personnel volunteering with Cadets, is there any process you have to go through? Also does anyone know if RCSCC Centurion or RCSCC Falkland need any volunteers for the upcoming training year? Edited to fix the title
  4. andpro

    MP res in Ottawa

    Does the 33 Military Police Platoon in Ottawa still exist? I can't find any info on it. I am wondering because I am now with 30 MP coy and wanting to go to the University of Ottawa.  Thanks
  5. andpro

    RMC Hopefuls

    Anyone in here who is applying to RMC, what academic program are you going for? What trade choices? Me I am applying for an arts degree in history. My trade choices are MARS MPO and armoured.
  6. andpro


    I know this movie has not come out yet but what do you think of it based on the trailers? To me it looks like the typical US military movie, but I still sort of want to see it just out of curiosity. http://touchstone.movies.go.com/index.html?dlink=annapolis
  7. andpro

    The French Navy in Halifax

    Did anyone see the french ships in halifax harbour? Thier aircraft carrier the Charles de gaulle makes me jealous :crybaby:. I hope Canadians soon realize what is happening to our navy, through all these media reports (some of which are blown out of proportion) and actually decide to care about...
  8. andpro

    tips for applying to RMC

    Hello, I am in grade 11, and going to apply to RMC soon and I would give anything in the world to be accepted. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to better my chances in getting accepted. :salute: