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  1. 4CDO PARA

    WTB- CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag or mag pouches.

    Want to Buy (WTB)- 1. CADPAT TW 64 pattern, 5 pocket ruck bag 2. Tear away IFAK or 3. CADPAT TW mag pouches (preferably similar to the triple pictured below, but looking for doubles that carry 2 mags each)
  2. 4CDO PARA

    FREE Model Airplane collection WWII-Present

    Free Model Airplane collection, WWII-Present, military and civilian aircraft, expertly assembled and ready for display.  Display cases come free too, pick up only in Kingston, Ontario.
  3. 4CDO PARA

    Little Help re; CF unarmed combat teams....

    Can anyone provide me with some insight in regards to CF Regimental "Unarmed combat teams"? Who has them? Do they compete and if so, with whom? Are their activities/training restricted to specifics/techniques instructed by the CF, or do they branch out into more modern MMA? I have spoken to a...