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  1. scaddie

    Really Cool Fitness Initiative

    My unit (I believe it's only my unit, I'm unsure though) just introduced a new fitness initiative to encourage our members to get into better shape. For every five hours of physical activity (ie; running, rucksack march, weight lifting) you receive half of a days pay. We're required to fill out...
  2. scaddie

    Accelerated Nursing Option

    Thanks for the responses...I guess I should revise my question: Can you go ROTP through an accelerated program at school? Or does it have to be a four year degree?
  3. scaddie

    Accelerated Nursing Option

    Just wondering if anybody knows where you can take an accelerated nursing program at an accredited university, through ROTP. I'm currently a second year science student, and am considering the two year RN option at Dalhousie University next year. If so, when is the best time to apply? Also, when...
  4. scaddie

    The Army Reserves - Annapolis Valley

    ext 2121 ...not 2101. But if you call Camp Aldershot you should be able to figure it out...or check out www.wnsr.ca
  5. scaddie

    RANT - What's the deal with troops at the mall with the small packs on?

    I've seen it a few times at Regent...It seems to be a good hangout on the weekends especially. It's a peeve of mine, but I let it go. It would bother me a lot more if they were downtown Kentville/Aldershot wearing them, just for safety's sake. I wouldn't dare walk around with my pack, you're...
  6. scaddie

    Who Makes Stealth Jackets?

    I'm a 6334 or an X-small. I'll see about the tailor in Gagetown next week, thanks for the idea!
  7. scaddie

    Who Makes Stealth Jackets?

    Thanks so much...I'm in Gagetown all next week, but I  haven't had a chance to get into the RCR kitshop.
  8. scaddie

    Who Makes Stealth Jackets?

    I've been wanting to buy a stealth jacket for some time, but the size Sm is way too big for me. Does anybody know if they are made by another factory other than Peerless Garments? (I've already contacted them about this) I'm trying to find a retailer that will make me a custom size, since the...
  9. scaddie

    New CF Fitness Policies Coming

    I was told the other evening that everyone deploying on Class B, whether it's course or just a tasking, must pass the minimum express test. At least it's a start.
  10. scaddie

    Reserve QL3 Medical Assisant course with an injury?

    I had a stress fracture during my QL3 (Infantry), and made it through without a chit but with lots of pain killers. I don't really advise this, I only did it because PT was a mandatory part of the course, and I wanted to get the course. If I were you, I'd see a doctor. There could be something...
  11. scaddie

    So I'm in the market for a new(er) car...any suggestions?

    Take a look at the new Toyota Yaris sedans when they come out, they look to be really neat, and inexpensive...(The Echo no longer exists-too many recalls and problems)..If you're not willing to go for a Honda, then try a Corolla.
  12. scaddie

    Good Sports Bras

    I agree, Champion makes good ones. I also like the UnderArmour ones, wide straps...comfortable. If you're in the Combat Arms, make sure you take Clothe the Soldier up on their BTU offer..They'll buy you four sports bras of your choice, up to $160.00 value.
  13. scaddie

    Old Question , But In Need To Know!

    Be assertive, you will meet guys out there who will hit on you. Show them who is boss. Don't let guys on course try to do your work for you, always do it yourself. Get in shape. Your boobs won't get in the way unless you let them, believe me; I've got boobs too. The best thing to do is tell the...
  14. scaddie

    Canada and the DRAFT

    I've searched about for opinions on this and couldn't find anything. As a reservist in the infantry, do you think there will ever be a time where could be a draft for people to go over to Afganistan? What circumstances would have to occur for this to happen? Quite a few of my close friends...
  15. scaddie

    Does the CADPAT fade in wash?

    On another note, how many uniforms are we entitled to? I used to think it was three, but seeing that some of you have more..
  16. scaddie

    Pte. Bradley Stephen Howell killed in forklift accident; Halifax March 2006

    http://www.cbc.ca/ns/story/ns-howell-armoury20060313.html Another very sad incident. It's definitley a reminder of how dangerous our workplaces can be.
  17. scaddie

    "More Canadian soldiers will likely die in Afghanistan"..

    While reading the paper this morning, I came across this article; "More Canadian soldiers will likely die in Afghanistan as spring melts snow in remote mountain passes, allowing anti-coalition forces to move around more freely, says a Nova Scotia officer stationed in the war-torn country...."...
  18. scaddie

    Sock replacements

    Hey, I'm in need of replacing some of my green socks (The outers for the black/green sock system).  Am I able to exhange them at my clothing stores? I know that in order to get new grey socks, I have to order them online, but the green ones aren't available. Thanks!
  19. scaddie

    New CADPAT Cbt Gloves

    I was always told that these gloves were not to be used for rappelling. The instructions that came with basically imply that they're not to be used for much more than light duties. I think they're alright, but we need a glove with more insulation that also provides dexterity. My favorite gloves...
  20. scaddie

    How to pack a rucksack

    Pack what you usually would for going out over night, so combats, boots, socks, your fleece...Just stuff it full of kit.