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  1. JorgSlice

    benefits Application

    I am filling out an application for the Public Service HCP, it has a block which indicates "PRI." Is my PRI the same as my S/N or do I have to track down my pay stub to find it? Cheers
  2. JorgSlice

    Mess Dress Suppliers/Tailors

    Got a question for a friend, did some searching but it's a terrible mess, Google-fu is not in my favour (in between Prisoner Transports and cpffee #5  :-X) He's a Res MP NCM, looking for Mess Dress in Alberta. Anyone know of a decent supplier/tailor with good pricing? Cheers.
  3. JorgSlice

    Contact information to MP or Duty Personnel at CFB Borden

    Hello folks, I was just wondering is anyone has the up-to-date contact information to the MP Det or Duty Personnel at CFB Borden? Preferably an email address, I've got a few items that they'd probably be interested in taking a look at. CSD/NDA related. Cheers.
  4. JorgSlice

    Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

    Reproduced under the Fair Dealings Provision of the Copyright Act. Highlights = mine. Original can be seen here: http://vancouverdesi.com/lifestyle/canadian-military-says-no-to-sikh-cadets/ Interesting developments. When I left Surrey not too long ago, the idea is that the Sikh temple on...
  5. JorgSlice

    JorgSlice -> PrairieThunder

    REF above.
  6. JorgSlice

    Whidbey Island SPACE A Flights

    I overheard a C.I.C. Officer talking today and was mentioning getting a free flight and proceeded to say "Gotta love the military!" He then mentioned all he had to do was drive down to NAS Whidbey Island and he'd be able to get his free flight to Hawaii for a week because he's an Officer of the...
  7. JorgSlice

    Justice Institute of British Columbia - Education not recognized

    Interesting development... I was looking into the JIBC's Police Foundations program and had a chat with the CFRC to learn that the Police Foundations program offered by the JIBC is not recognized by the CF as approved education for Military Police. I then spoke to JIBC who were seemingly...
  8. JorgSlice

    Ammunition Technician

    I've searched endlessly for more information on the details of the life of an Ammo Tech and I'm either getting very tired and everything is blurring together, or there just isn't a lot of information on the trade. I have my interview at 1030 HRS for Ammunition Technician at CFRC Vancouver and I...