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    Operation"cut and run", effect on Cdn.Military.

    Has anyone given any consideration to the effects on the military of the government`s decision to pullout of A-stan. I would be concerned with procurement,recruiting,and the morale of the troops,plus the effect upon the families who have lost loved ones in this conflict.                    ...
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    End of the manned fighter?.

    Defence Secretary Gates recently stated that the F22 and the F35 would be the last manned fighter/attack aircraft the forces would buy.This was included in a story about remote controlled aerial vehicles in the US Air Force,on CNN,last week. The British Defence Minister was way ahead of him,in...
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    Who lost the Vietnam war and why?

    I just finished rereading the long discussion about Gen Haig in WW1 and found very interesting,a shame it just tapered off.However I am sure we could generate am equally interesting discussion on the subject of the Vietnam war. Mods if you feel this is in the wrong forum please move. This war...
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    AK 47, What is the true story?.

    Recently I watched a docu. about the Russian invent er of the AK47, for which he was made a Hero of the Soviet Union,.The AK seems, however, to be a direct copy of the German Sturmgewehr 44,is this the case or am I way off in this?.                                         Regards
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    Reaction to Gen Patraeus

    Funny, it seems that no one has seen fit to comment on the Generals presentation to the congressional committee.I personally thought it went well for the General,even though the Democrats do not seem to be listening,my mind is made up don't confuse me with facts,and seem bound and determined...
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    Pensions,any experts out there?.

    I recently applied for my Old Age Security pension and after a lot of paper shuffling i was granted a pension of 20/40s based on 20 years of Canadian residency.However I did 26 years of service in the Canadian Forces.The justification for cutting 25% of this pension was that I did not take up...
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    Dental Corps Commandos

    Last week I watched a BBC program called,I believe, Two Soldiers.It told the story of a Dental Corps Sgt. and Pvt. who single handed invaded France. I found the story interesting but did not take it too serious as it seemed a little unlikely.This was supposed to have happened in WW2...
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    Missing POWs WW2

    Saw an interesting program on German TV last night, it concerned the disappearance of up to 125000 Brit.,US,French and Canadian POWs held in POW camps that ended up behind the Russian front at the end of the war.Being that it was on German TV it had, a to be expected, an anti American tone...
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    "What if??" A thread for people who like to speculate

    History is full of "what ifs" a couple of my favorites are,what if the British had lost on the Plains of Abraham,what if the Brits. had come into the US civil war on the side of the Confedracy.But the one I would like to kick the thread off with is,what if Churchill had made a deal with Hitler...
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    ROBIN OLDS Another warrior fades away

    B/Gen.Robin Olds USAF,passed away at age 84. RIP A WW2 ace and probably the most successful air combat leader of the Vietnam war, 4 Mig shootdowns,.He turned the F4 Phantom wings around in the war and showed them that they could deal with the Mig threat over North Vietnam. A tough opinionated...
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    SAS in Vosges

    Recently during a hike in the Vosges mountains I came across a memorial situated deep in the forrest,it was to 8 members of the SAS shot by the Gestapo on the 15 Oct. 1944.Does anyone know what they were doing this far east in Oct.44?.                     Their names were-Sgt. Nevill            ...
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    Train travel

    I wondered whether train travel is making any progress in Canada?,here in Germany its really turning into a viable alternative to driving your car,particularly for pleasure trips on weekends. For example,for 25 euros you can go anywhere in Baden-Württemberg with up to 5 people, just pack up your...
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    Alternative Snowbird Aircraft (merged)

    Ref: Airforces Monthly                       Venga Aerospace ,ofToronto ,has made an offer to lease 18 ex Swiss Air Force Hawk Mk.66 to the Can. gov.for use by the Snowbirds. The aircraft would have updated state- of- the-art glass cockpits as part of the deal. Now awaiting a decision by the...
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    General Christie

    Have any of the old jumpers out there ever jumped with Gen. Cristie or may be someone was on the basic para crse with him. The reason I ask is that I saw him in all his glory wearing 3 sets of wings Can.US and German as CO of1Can. special svc.force and a horrible rumour spread through the...