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  1. MasterInstructor

    CFB Trenton Famil Flight

    I am Reg Force LS from CFB Esquimalt. I have my PPL and I am in CFB Trenton for Air Crew Selection. Because of delayed flights, I have the whole week in CFB Trenton without anything to do.. I would love an opportunity to go flying during my time here. If there is anyone who can point me in the...
  2. MasterInstructor

    Airframe selection after BFT

    I am  looking for some insight to selection process after your BFT. Are you asked your preferences? What are the chances of getting what you asked for? Which airframes needs most pilots right now? Which option do most ask for? I am interested in Multi Engine. I am currently a NCM and...
  3. MasterInstructor

    Benefits Cut...

  4. MasterInstructor

    Accelerated Promotion to LS/CPL requirements

    I have searched and the forum and all the links for CFAO 49-4 are not working so I could not look it up... What is the qualification requirement for Accelerated Promotion to LS/CPL? I will have my 36 months but will only be qualified QL3 mostly due to a 8 month deployment. Will I be eligible...
  5. MasterInstructor

    Buying a condo under my spouse's name and CF benefits

    We moved with a BOR administered move last year, sold our apartment that was under my name. Now we are looking to buy and I am aware of all the befits such as land transfer tax, CMHC fee etc. Question is, this time we want the apartment to be only on her name. Will CF still reimburse costs...
  6. MasterInstructor

    What to expect after BMQ as a NES OP

    I have seen few people asking the same questions to here is a summary... After BMQ; Finish your Basic Come to Esquimalt wait for your QL3 Course as a PAT (Personnel waiting training) During this time, you will be employed at different units when required. You might get to sail, do manual...
  7. MasterInstructor

    Deployment and financial benefits.

    There is a chance that I might be getting deployed to Mediterranean with one of HMCS. I am aware of certain danger pay and tax benefits. Question is do when do these benefits kick in. Do we start getting these benefits once we leave home port or when we are in the area? Do we still get these...
  8. MasterInstructor

    Annual Pay Increase for 2011

    I only have about 2 years in, in April 2010 all CF members received a raise separate from the incentives. It was something around 2 percent, in order to compensate inflation etc. This year I assumed same would happen but still we are getting paid the same rates from 2010. I have found the...
  9. MasterInstructor

    PMQ and Property Ownership Restrictions...

    Are there any property ownership restrictions that might affect getting a BMQ? I am interested in living in a PMQ for the time being but I own2 properties in another city and I am planning on buying another one where I am, as an investment... cheers
  10. MasterInstructor

    Temporary accomodation on base for my spouse

    I am posted to Esquimalt after my BMQ and will be arriving in Esquimalt in 2 weeks. My spouse would like to come and visit me on the weekend since we haven`t seen each other for 4 months. Is there any type of paid/free accommodation for her on base that I can book for few nights? If yes, who...
  11. MasterInstructor

    Advice about my first posting. [Merged]

    I am few weeks away from graduation... I haven't received any official information about my posting just yet but I have been told it will be most likely Esquimalt and I most likely wont start my QL3 for 8 months... With the course I am looking at almost 16 months in Esquimalt. I am common law...
  12. MasterInstructor

    Anyone starting NES op QL3 in the next few months?

    I am just wondering if there is anyone starting NES op QL3 in the next few months?  :salute: :cdn:
  13. MasterInstructor

    Trying to find the TV Show...

    I am trying to find a TV Show that my dad told me... He says It was about Canadian Navy and life on board, film around Caribbean on HMCS Presever .. He thinks it was on Discovery Channel and named Warship or Warships. He saw part of an Episode... I have been looking all over the internet to...
  14. MasterInstructor

    Living off base during QL3 Course...

    At my cost (no PLD etc) will I be able to live off base during my QL3 Course? It turns out, my spouse will be in Victoria doing an internship for about a year while I might be doing my QL3 course in CFB Esquimalt. I am aware that timing might not work out since I am not even offered a position...
  15. MasterInstructor

    Navy Allowances for operations / exercises

    I am wondering if there are overseas operation specific allowances or benefits for Navy members? I am aware of the sea duty allowance which I believe is paid as long as you are posted to a ship, even if the ship is at home port. Do Navy members get any extra pay while on operations or...
  16. MasterInstructor

    Personal Sticky / Thread List

    I was thinking that it would be great to have the ability to create personal list of threads that you might want to look at later down the road. Kind of like a favorites list. There are some posts that have a lot of good information that I see but it is impossible to remember all the info...
  17. MasterInstructor

    Anybody in the final stages for NCI Op Reg Force application?

    Hi All I am just trying to see how many of us out there racing to get our application finalized for the few remaining open positions for NCI Op. I did my medical today, hoping to get my interview done with in 2 weeks. cheers
  18. MasterInstructor

    Turkey demands apology from Israel over envoy 'slight'

    Turkey stated that if apology is not made by tomorrow evening, Turkey will ask Turkish ambassador to return to Turkey... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8455460.stm More on the link
  19. MasterInstructor

    Pay Level for Corporal and Chief Warrant Officer

    I was wondering what determines your pay level when you are a Corporal or Chief Warrant Officer. Corporal have 2 pay levels 5A and 5B. Chief Warrant Officer has 3 pay levels, 8A , 8B , 8C cheers
  20. MasterInstructor

    Can not log out?

    I am having issues logging out right now... Any ideas?