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  1. canuck101

    Japan to relax arms export ban

    http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/090524/world/japan_military_trade_weapons TOKYO (AFP) - Japan has decided to relax its self-imposed ban on arms exports to allow more joint development and production of weapons with other nations, a report said Sunday. ADVERTISEMENT The new measure would "enable...
  2. canuck101

    Four British Soldiers Killed

    http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30200-1319391,00.html The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the deaths of four UK soldiers in Afghanistan - including the first British woman to die in active service since the conflict began. Next of kin have been informedNext of kin have been...
  3. canuck101

    Bernier's plane pledge catches Ottawa off guard

    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080523.wbernier23/BNStory/National/home I was reading the globeandmail this morning and found this a very interesting read. This Minister is not helping himself in the least. DANIEL LEBLANC AND STEVEN CHASE From Friday's Globe and Mail...
  4. canuck101

    The CF Chopper Game

    I was just on the www.dnd.ca website and they have this desktop chopper game you can download.
  5. canuck101

    What Bases should stay open and which Bases should be closed

    I know we have too many bases which ones should close and which ones should stay open.  We have very little presence in the north should we put a base in the north insteed of one in southern Canada.  Should we form bigger bases that the airforce and army share ie combining the old bases of...
  6. canuck101

    Flat-screen TV emits international distress signal

    Read this article on the Cnn website: http://www.cnn.com/2004/SHOWBIZ/TV/10/18/odd.television.reut/index.html EUGENE, Oregon (Reuters) -- TV hardly gets much better than this. An Oregon man discovered earlier this month that his year-old Toshiba Corporation flat-screen TV was emitting an...
  7. canuck101


    How about those patriots 20 wins yeah can it get any better i think yes maybe they will go all the way to the Superbowl again and win a third time In the CFL my Ottawa team could not get it done this year but there is always next year. cheers
  8. canuck101

    Short-service Army

    I just read a interesting article in the Ottawa Citizen talking about short service terms.  The article is written by a journalist who talked to John English a retired Lt. Col who spent 37 years in the military.  To summarize the article he says that we should move all the generals into the...
  9. canuck101

    What some americans think of Canda

    I saw this article in the washington post. Man the USA media is starting to scare me.  We man be added to the axis of evil if this Arnold Beichman had his way. I know we are not pulling our own but damn. http://www.washtimes.com/commentary/20040919-101728-2815r.htm By Arnold Beichman It takes...
  10. canuck101

    Money for Health Care

    Well i hope there is some money left over after this meeting. He seems to be giving in to the premiers.  We better be sitting on a crap load of surplus money or he is going to ask every department to find savings. You know who is going to look at first. here is the website...
  11. canuck101

    What Army kit do we need that we don't have

    I was wondering if there is any army equipment ie vehicles or weapons that we need that we don't have. Cheers
  12. canuck101

    Sikorsky H 92

    Well i am going to say we got the Sikorsky H 92 i hope i am rigth.  the next new piece of hardware we are getting will be new search and rescure planes possible the C-27J Spartan Tactical Transport Aircraft. I read a article in the Ottawa citizen a month back saying if we purchased the Spartan...
  13. canuck101

    Replace CF18 with Super Hornet

    Would it be better for canada to replace the cf 18 with Super Hornet.  They would be new aircraft and would last us 20 to 25 years.  The JSF would be in production by then what do you think.
  14. canuck101

    air-to-air refuellers

    Can some one tell me when the air force is going to get air-to-air refuellers back?