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  1. Bull_STR

    Getting that First Hook

    Ok as I stated in the very first post I made.  I am NOT looking so much to do this.  But to find out if it is still a possability. 
  2. Bull_STR

    Getting that First Hook

    No no it wasnt an order or anything like that.  It was a more if you really want to know 100% then find out for yourself.  figure it out then if you cant find it we can go from there kind of thing. Thanks for the info glenndon
  3. Bull_STR

    Getting that First Hook

    A Cpl about a year ago told me that a NO HOOK can recieve his HOOK before 30 months.  I no longer know where to find this person that told me this so I ask you all this question. How does one go about at getting thier HOOK before 30 months? This is not so much for me but my Sgt says that he...
  4. Bull_STR


    I completed my 3s and was posted right to my choice of posting. ie; Base, and Unit.  I was even given the postion that I asked for in IS and am being told that I will be on my 5s as soon as 6 months from now.  Everything moves fast but it all depends on you.
  5. Bull_STR

    choices of postings

    we have to put in for our three choices of postings this week. I was told that if I wanted to say goto an Abulance sqd in Edmonton then I should put it down and I most likely will get it.  Now I got this information from a fellow who is just grad this week and he got his IT posting to Pet. But...
  6. Bull_STR

    291 amalgamation ???

    Not trying to step on anyones toes here with more time in then I but, we were told something about an amalgamation in class the first week in DEC.  They didn t want to go into detail about it.  But what we got was that Signals will be taking over everything related Linesmen Sig Op coms Resc all...
  7. Bull_STR

    Infantry or Sig. Op

    Sig Op my young man.  See the world without getting the poop knocked out of you from carrying the weight that a mule must carry.  And you even get to learn how to use a C7. ;) :salute:
  8. Bull_STR

    The Life of a Sig Op

    Ahh PRETC in Bordom.  How I remember those days.  It is even worse if you have no car.  But I only did that for a few months. Really though guys I was there on and off for 5 months.  While there I was shipped out to Gagetown for SQ, then I did my Driver Training, some firearms training and as...
  9. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    well to be honest I am no longer living in the Barracks.  I live with my family in the Q's. But you are in a room with 3 other people.  The size of the room is OK.  A lot of Closet and Cabinate space. And the personal super desk lol, but really it is not too bad. The showers are individual...
  10. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    We are wearing our Cad shirts over our winter fleece.
  11. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    hehe Panos  I knew you had Net in your room.  I will deal with you later, lol
  12. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    here is a pic of us just before stepping off.  For the 28Km
  13. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    I would just like to say to those that have not made it to Kingston yet to start thier careers as a Sig Op that you are in for a BIG Surprise. Before I came to Kingston to start my course I had heard nothing but BAD things about it.  Mind you in retrospect I must say that those people that had...
  14. Bull_STR

    SigOp Kit

    "Bitching"  Where is there Bitching in my statement?  You people are truley Military for sure. YOu read what you want to read in a statement and like an RMS clerk you loose the rest. This is a discussion Forum I stated Facts there were no Bitching and like others that have read my post...
  15. Bull_STR

    SigOp Kit

    Well we have been told that we will not be recieving our TV until after we pass MOC and are posted to REG. I have passed BMQ and SQ and the let down continues.  I still ahve to wear my 1962 webbing,  grr I wan the Guichi Kit. lol
  16. Bull_STR

    QL4 - overseas possible?

    Is this Nichol?  Who is this?  LOL I will find you, hehe
  17. Bull_STR

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    First off the question was towards him not you.  Second off you need not answer if your answers are nothing more than to iengageinto ignorant rrepertoire  Finally the question was to see where he may have been located had to do with nostalgia.
  18. Bull_STR

    Those selected for BMQ: 26th Sept to 9th Dec in Borden

    Hey have seen you guys running around Borden already. lol ohh the BMQ days.  I will be thinking of you guys while I sit at PRETC waiting to go to Sigs QL3.
  19. Bull_STR

    Drop outs

    Let me see.... In my BMQ platoon we lost a total of 9 men and almost my self. 1- Grandfather was on his deathbed and he wanted to be be there. 3- Decided he could not do it.  The Army lifestyle that is. 1- Was not physically ready and decided to VR instead of putting a strain on the Platoon...
  20. Bull_STR

    bad runner

    Ok I will respond to this one for sure.  I cant run for Crap!  It took everything in me to get to 6Km in the first 6 weeks at BMQ. As for the instructors.  They are all on the PSP staff.  They dont care really how long it takes you to finish just finish.  Finish as a team though.  I was not the...