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  1. Highland Lad

    Liberals want Handgun Ban

    One reason gun crime in the GTA has gone up so dramatically in recent years is the rise of the "Rent-a-Gun" criminal. Essentially, you have criminal entrepreneurs who have possession of a weapon who charge for its use. Think about it: only one person has to try to hide a weapon (when not in...
  2. Highland Lad


    Just looking for some info re: PAffO - I'm looking at a CT to Reg F and a chance of a commission (I know, I know - I'm being tempted by the Dark Side >:D) and my family wants to know what might be in store. So here are the basic questions: 1. What is the career foundation period like? (trades...
  3. Highland Lad

    how many of you have been in more then one unit

    QoCHofC 89-93 CHofO 93-98 (regardless of what that ****ing clerk says) attached PEIR 97-98 supp list 98-05 SD&G Highlanders 05 on future??? I'm just a bit of a "Regimental wh*re", I guess... But at least I am and always have been a Highlander!!! (even PEIR was formerly a Highland Regt)
  4. Highland Lad

    Merged Quotes and Sayings Thread; some useful, some junk

    This may not exactly match the thread title, but I remember one memorable jacking-up... The other instructors and I had gone out the evening before for a few beverages... I was the crse duty wog the next AM, so I called it quits fairly early. Others continued until the wee hours. Morning...
  5. Highland Lad

    CF Reserves VS Other nations Reserves.

    I'm going to try to keep this above the "Reserve v Reg" tone, but it is a very important component of my answer, so bear with me... I've trained with a couple of USARNG units, and thought that we compared very favourably in most areas - as was noted above, personal motivation and desire are a...
  6. Highland Lad


    I have met Gen Dallaire only once to speak to him, and I admire him. Does that make him a hero? Dunno - but he did the job he could with the resources he was allowed to have, and has to live with the results. Could he have succeeded if he had pulled a Lew MacKenzie and exceeded his orders and...
  7. Highland Lad

    stupid questions answered by smart canucks

    I used to work at the Canadian High Commission in London (UK), and I loved to hear the complaints about the "Canadian Geese" in Hyde Park - why didn't we take them back home where they were from - how did they end up in the UK? did they get lost flying back home to Canada after winter down...
  8. Highland Lad

    Dress and Deportment

    Yep - I know what you mean... but my point is that we have a whole system of methods for dealing with shyte-bags, that just doesn't get used effectively at times - and some people need a few 'object lessons' to understand that some things that are overlooked on a regular basis in today's CF...
  9. Highland Lad

    Dress and Deportment

    Sorry, but we can. As was pointed out above, that is why the CF has an escalating system of warnings, C&P, remedial training, etc, etc, ad nauseam. The problem is that all takes is for one supervisor to decide that 'something that minor isn't worth the trouble...' for it all to go to shyte (and...
  10. Highland Lad

    Drill instructors as a full time trade?

    Then why do we have so much potential wasting time in PAT platoons across Canada?? As a Reserve NCO who is very proud of his instructional capabilities (gained at both the RCR and PPCLI battle schools), I would love to be able to apply for a posting to one of them as a dedicated instructor (and...
  11. Highland Lad

    Spring Forward... (Don't forget)

    I knew it had to do something good for somebody out there!! Unfortunately, I'm not working the graveyard shift, so it just means that my 8 hrs of sleep becomes 7  :crybaby: 
  12. Highland Lad

    Spring Forward... (Don't forget)

    It's that time of year again, and I will remember to change my clocks tonight. Any of you ever have a problem due to forgetting to change over to Daylight time? (or, of course, back to Standard) My favourite was when I was a kid, and my dad called the local TV station to complain about the...
  13. Highland Lad

    Primary/ Supplimentary reserve

    Oh, yeah... That and the fact that, with a grievance in progress, actioning any request on my part for re-enrolment was too much of a hassle for most of them to go through. Unfortunately, I don't think that's a problem unique to my situation... I wouldn't know... but if I thought they did, I...
  14. Highland Lad

    Primary/ Supplimentary reserve

    VFS is the most totally frustrating experience I have ever had in the CF (and I've had a few...) Initial promises of "less than 1 month response time" were made to me almost 7 yrs ago... after 6 months, I filed a grievance (a whole other rant, one that would more than use up my 2 ¢). Request...
  15. Highland Lad

    "Illegal Orders"

    Concur. A soldier's duty is to disobey an illegal order (and further, to report said order to higher authority, if possible). Determining what constitutes an illegal order, though, is what this discussion is about. I think it has clearly been stated above that most illegal orders are pretty...
  16. Highland Lad

    Transporting the C-7 while on exercise.

    I recall one that still has me scratching my head... We were on our way to Wainwright from Winnipeg via C-130 for MilCon a few years back. We all had our C1s (shows how 'few' years  ;) ), with bolts in pocket, and we had to run our rifles through the X-ray machine... what was with that?
  17. Highland Lad

    Interesting Fortune Cookie..

    "...in bed" What's so pathetic about that?  8) "...in bed" hmmmm...
  18. Highland Lad

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Quote from: Torlyn on Mar 26 at 02:18:35 A firearm isn't built to wound, it's built to kill.   Thus, if you have it, you intend to use said force. Umm - I believe a firearm is actually built to propel a projectile at high speeds in a directed manner.   ;D It takes a brain to use a firearm, a...
  19. Highland Lad

    Interesting Fortune Cookie..

    Don't forget to add the two most important words to any fortune cookie... "in bed." Sounds to me like you're going to have to wash your sheets...
  20. Highland Lad

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    I couldn't agree more - and I was involved in setting up the current system. (before you all flay me alive, note that I did NOT say that I set it up... I was a consultant, and our advice was tossed...)