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  1. Sadukar09

    WTS: Magnum Stealth Force 8 (size 9.5)

    As per above, I'm selling a pair of Magnums. I only wore it a few times for garrison, zero field use. The original insoles are still in there. I'm selling it because SWATS are better for me. Price is $85 or best offer. I will ship with Canada Post if you are out of Ottawa.
  2. Sadukar09

    Wargame: European Escalation

    http://wargame-ee.com/ I did a search, didn't see any threads on this subject. In any case, this is a really great RTS on Cold War. Similar game play like Eugen's previous game, RUSE. Quite different from World in Conflict. There's more emphasis on scouting, and much more realistic. (As much...
  3. Sadukar09

    Staffing PRes Summer IT (From: Cutting the CF/DND HQ bloat)

    Certainly hope this move may get more training for the reserves...
  4. Sadukar09

    Colour photos of WWII: Before and after D-Day

    http://life.time.com/history/before-and-after-d-day-in-color/?iid=lf|mostpop#1 Looks absolutely amazing.
  5. Sadukar09

    Milnet.ca group at Connaught Ranges?

    I just remembered to ask, were any of you at Connaught Ranges during the weekend of Jan. 20-22? I was doing BMQ at the time, thought I spotted an Army.ca T-Shirt at the mess. One of the fellows remarked on the way I pulled my winter jacket over my head.  ;D
  6. Sadukar09

    Story of an immigrant

    Hi there, my name's Kevin. Like the title said, I immigrated here about 9 1/2 years ago from China. I live in the glorious city of Ottawa (heh). I originally got the idea of joining the reserves from my friend; he's a Canadian that chose to go back to Finland to serve his compulsory conscription...