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  1. murrdawg

    Class A Cpl employment opportunity - SARNOCC Trenton

    Hi all, I did post this in the Communications and Electronics forum as well, but haven't had an answer yet if I can have it in two spots due to the type of thread it is. SARNOCC is seeking a Class A reservist, Cpl. Details can be found here...
  2. murrdawg

    Cannot access "Contact Staff"

    I have a question about cross posting, and I went to Contact Staff, but it brings me to an error page.
  3. murrdawg

    Class A Cpl Reserve Opportunity - SARNOCC

    Good day all, SARNOCC is seeking a Class A reservist, Cpl. Details can be found here: http://armyapp.forces.gc.ca/reo-oer/en/details.aspx?positionnumber=O-29456
  4. murrdawg

    Mess kit instructions and rank

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get a Lt rank braid to put on my mess kit. Also, wondering if someone has the "sewing instructions" for the braid. I want to go to the tailors in town and they know there are instructions for sewing it, but don't know what they are, and they don't...
  5. murrdawg

    Parking in around Tunney's

    Anyone know of good cheap parking in around Tunney's until a monthly parking pass becomes available?
  6. murrdawg

    Cheap tailor in around Ottawa/Morrisburg

    Does anyone know of a good cheap tailor to do mess kits in around Ottawa, or specifically, the Morrisburg area? More so, just sewing on the new ranks.
  7. murrdawg

    Engineer report and Contractor

    Hi all, Does anyone know if Brookfield will pay for a structural engineering report if it's referred by a home inspector? I know they will do well and septic, but wondering about the foundation of a house.....
  8. murrdawg

    CELE Officers on Air-force.ca?

    Hi all, Just a general shout out to fellow CELE officers.... I see a lot of SigĀ  O's on here, wondered if there were ACTIVE CELE officers on here as well?
  9. murrdawg

    Lawyer and Home Inspector Help for Ottawa

    Hi all, I am in the process of doing my first posting to Ottawa, but I'm unsure of who to go to for a lawyer and home inspector, as in who is good and also coverable by the military. Does anybody have any suggestions of who would be good to go to, or even names of those who aren't good so I can...
  10. murrdawg

    Project Risks

    Hi all, I'm doing a project for my CELE course, but I'm unsure what risks could potentially be possible for a project (i.e. for risk assessment). Can anyone offer suggestions? Any and all would be greatly appreciated.
  11. murrdawg

    Memo file number for CP

    Hi all, I am doing a project for a Command Post, and I am currently stumped as to what file number the CP should fall under. I have to create a Command Post, right from scratch, so I'm unsure as to what file number this would fall under. Any help would be appreciated (and yes, I did look at the...
  12. murrdawg

    Posting location questions

    Hi all, Finally got my first draft list of potential postings. Wondering if a. anyone can provide a name of a GOOD real estate agent in the following areas and b. if anyone has any idea about what the positions might entail (Some I have a positionĀ  number for), or even people who are currently...
  13. murrdawg

    Help with a concept of ops!

    Hi there, I am looking for help for creating a concept of ops. Can anyone help? I am willing to chat here, or in the chatroom on this site, or even MSN!
  14. murrdawg

    LCS Suite

    Good day, I will be using this out in the field in about a week, just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it, like how many people it can support, what it is, etc?
  15. murrdawg

    CELE postings at AF bases

    Hi all, I know there's the EMAA but supposedly it isn't very good to know what positions are open to us, but I am currently on my CELE trades training course at CFSCE and was wondering if any wings know if they will be taking a CELE position from this current intake? It's all for pre-planning...
  16. murrdawg

    PAR- Precision Approach Radar

    Hi all, I am currently on BCAOC (Basic CELE Air Officer Course), and we have to do briefs on different airfield equipment and communications equipment. I have chosen to do PAR (precision approach radar) but having an extremely hard time to find details on what the different components of the...
  17. murrdawg

    How do postings work?

    Hi all, I'm wondering how postings work... I know there's MMO slots, and based on where you are, determines basically when you get your pick of location. If you're closer to the top of the list, you probably get preference #1, but if you are at the bottom, you might get preference 3, or none at...
  18. murrdawg

    Postings available outside of DWAN?

    Hi all, I'm currently on parental leave, back to work in November, then on CELE course in March. So of course, one of the questions that pops up is what postings are available just to start to have an idea where we could be looking. I know it's available via EMAA, but is there somewhere off...
  19. murrdawg

    Old uniform parts

    I've always wondered.... What do we do with old DEU's that don't fit etc, after ordering new ones?
  20. murrdawg

    Why does a security clearance only be done on immediate family?

    I am in the process of applying for my third level security clearance level, and with being a new father and common-law partner, I've discovered I have to include my spouse's immediate family in the security clearance as well. Anyone know why this is? And what happens if one of the family...