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  1. rz350

    applying for officer in one trade and NCM in the other?

    Can I do that? Or must all my 3 choices be either NCM or Officer? Just curious.
  2. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    Does anyone have links to to a site with wwII or cold war company level defensive field manual. Western or Eastern bloc, doesn't matter. Just needs to be in English. Also, Battalion and Brigade level as well, if its around. reason? Its silly, but I play some games and game mods that focus on...
  3. rz350

    rz350 ---> argh to zee

    for the lols
  4. rz350

    CAN vs US MP's

    Hey, I am just curious if CAN MP's do the same kind of field duties as their US counter parts. I know lots of US MP's and USAF security Forces are doing convoy escort, route recce, and even just basic presence patrols in Iraq. Do Canadian MP's do similar roles/duties in the 'stan, or are they...
  5. rz350

    Trying to fool me?

    So I apply for an armoured officer spot at my old regiment. They tell me I will not be considered due to my previous release, however, they will consider me for an NCM spot, and then I could transfer to Officer after getting trade qualified...I smell BS, as I understand it to be VERY hard to go...
  6. rz350

    unit number search?

    Not sure where to post this, so I put in in Canadian Military. I am wondering, how to look up a unit number to see what it is? I'm looking at some of my release papers, and it shows I was transferred from unit 5006 to unit 9997. What are these units called/what are they. I would assume 5006 is...
  7. rz350

    multi unit armoury Commanding Officers?

    Just out of curiosity, in a reserve armoury with more then one unit resident. (I.e. Ft.York or Moss Park here in Toronto) is there a single Commanding Officer or person in charge of the facility of as a whole? As in relations to things such as grounds maintenance and repairs and other things of...
  8. rz350

    part time uni student for P.res Officer?

    Can I apply to the CF P.res as an officer while being a PT student. I dont really have the $$ or the time to be an full time student at uni. I am intrested in armoured Officer at a unit in 32 CBG. Can I do it? Or is it only Full time university students who can be Officer Cadets?
  9. rz350

    online application acess denied.

    So I am thinking of going back to the forces after I washed out, anyways, that's not the point...I went to the apply online on the recruiting site, for reserve jobs (armour officer) and I logged in, the way I had when I first entered the CF. This time it said my access to the online recruiting...
  10. rz350

    Russia-150th rifle division/756 rifle regiment.

    Does anyone know if these formations are still in existence, or have a formation as a heir? as the 756th regiment of the 150th division hung the sovietĀ  flag on the Reichstag in '45, I would be intrested to see if they are perpetuated in modern times, or if they slipped into the fog of history...
  11. rz350

    General slip ons?

    I have never seen a picture of a General Officer's slip on, I am just wondering if anyone has a link to a picture of the Relish/OD slip ons for an Officer from Bde Gen to Gen? I know what the shoulder board type ones look like, but I've never seen the Relish or OD ones and just want to have a look.
  12. rz350

    32 MP plt

    I am thinking of joining mp 32 plt. Hopefully as an Officer. I've just got a few questions (I dont want to bug the recruiting Sgt there cause I can not apply for months to come, do to having released recently) Chances of getting an Officer position? I am in university, but not yet complete...
  13. rz350

    Worst choice..quitting the forces

    That I ever made was to not stick it out in the forces. I folded like a wal-mart tent in a hurricane, and now I regret more then anything in my life. I am posting this as a piece of advice to anyone else thinking of quitting before you give it a serious chance. YOU WILL REGRET IT!. You will wake...
  14. rz350

    Police Services Officers..as in Commisioned Officers

    Just a random curiosity. Do Canadian Police Forces tend to Recruit the Officers (as in inspectors and up) separate, like CF system, or are they all/mostly promoted up from the NCO ranks?
  15. rz350

    Swiss army unit mistakenly invades Liechtenstein

    Taken from the AP, all rights reserved and fair use and blah blah blah ZURICH, Switzerland - What began as a routine training exercise almost ended in an embarrassing diplomatic incident after a company of Swiss soldiers got lost at night and marched into neighboring Liechtenstein...
  16. rz350

    good 22LR pistol

    I'm just getting my PAL, and looking to buy a first pistol. I want a 22LR Semi-automatic. I'm pretty much just asking for reconmendations on a resonably low price, resonably reliable/easy to use (i.e. not too picky about ammo brand) 22LR semi auto pistol that is Canada Legal. (105mm long barrel...
  17. rz350

    MP ammo

    Hey, I've just got a little question about the ammo MP's use. When working in Canada, do they carry FMJ genevna convention compliant ammo? Or JHP or something else more "police" like. (I.e. somthing intended to make a large cavity) How about when doing behind the wire (i.e. law enforment of...
  18. rz350

    Weapons and Ammo board,

    The weapons and ammo board says "tolls of the trade" under its title...I am sure you guys ment for it to be "tools of the trade" Just pointing it out.
  19. rz350

    Are ballistic missiles under used?

    I was reading on wiki about random stuff, I decided to look up a bit about short range, conventionally tipped ballistic missiles. According to wiki, the only 3 types ever fired in anger are the V2 (Germany WWII era) the SS-1 Scud (1950's Russian missile, fired by several middle eastern nations)...
  20. rz350

    Russia-USA sign pact for joint military exercises

    Fair use and all that AP Mon Oct 30, 10:05 PM ET http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061031/ap_on_re_eu/russia_us_military_1&printer=1 The top Russian and U.S. military officers signed a cooperation agreement Monday that lays out plans for joint activities for the coming year, officials said. Marine...