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  1. JWJ

    JWJ to PongoCadet for identification reasons!

    Changed my name to reflect my level of experience and avoid coming across as being active duty infantry.
  2. JWJ

    (Suggestion) Website template/design

    Hey, Not sure if this is the right place for this, or this is a sensible suggestion. I'm not sure how the website is hosted, run or anything like that, I'm not trying to tread on the work or the staff, donators or anyone involved with this site or disrespect the efforts etc. The website does...
  3. JWJ

    British Royal Marines Commando Entry Standard

    Hello everyone. Just thought I'd make a thread on the Royal Marines, and the level of fitness required to get a place in the 32 week long basic training, in case anyone is curious or thinking about it. Selection is done in two parts - Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT): Conducted at a...
  4. JWJ

    UK Clothing and Equipment of the Infantry compared with CA

    Hello everyone. As I'm looking into applying from the UK, I'm wondering about the kind of equipment is issued to Infantrymen in Canada. Here in the UK, we've recently brought in new Virtus armour - modular and lightweight armour that is adapted depending on your role in the section or patrol...
  5. JWJ

    UK Applicant

    Hello everyone! I'm a dual British-Canadian Citizen, been to visit Canada a few times to see family in BC, and I am currently in the application process to join the Royal Navy as a Royal Marines Commando. I've passed the Psychometric test and Interview, although I have the feeling I'm about to...