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  1. Bull_STR

    Getting that First Hook

    A Cpl about a year ago told me that a NO HOOK can recieve his HOOK before 30 months.  I no longer know where to find this person that told me this so I ask you all this question. How does one go about at getting thier HOOK before 30 months? This is not so much for me but my Sgt says that he...
  2. Bull_STR

    CFSCE is great for SigOps

    I would just like to say to those that have not made it to Kingston yet to start thier careers as a Sig Op that you are in for a BIG Surprise. Before I came to Kingston to start my course I had heard nothing but BAD things about it.  Mind you in retrospect I must say that those people that had...
  3. Bull_STR

    BMQ Living Space?

    BMQ Living Space?  Can anyone tell me what it is like. I have heard Three different people tell me three completely different things. 1- we all sleep in a big barracks with a single cot and a nightstand 2- we have our own littel cubicals that resemble a temp office space with 6 foot temp...