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  1. shado_wolf

    CFC Toronto as a posting

    Hello, Is anyone here posted to CFC Toronto?  What is it like to work there?  Are the PMQ's any good?  Were you able to live in an area outside of TO?  My posting choices just changed to TO and Greenwood.  I'm prolly gonna go with Toronto so the wife will have a better chance of getting a...
  2. shado_wolf

    choices choices choices- Winnipeg, Cold Lake or North Bay?

    Hey all, I've been given a list to prioritize.   Having not lived in any of the cities I've no clue which to go with.   I was hoping to get the perspective of some of the members or spouses that may have lived there. I get to pick between: North Bay Winterpeg Cold Lake I'm married with two...
  3. shado_wolf

    ATIS training

    Hello, Just a quick q to anyone who may have completed trades training for ATIS.  Did you go do OJT after POETS while you waited to get to your trades training, and where did you do it?  When you did get to go was it all in trenton or split between kingston and trenton?  The info I've found...
  4. shado_wolf

    Basic Sept 30 - Dec 4 St Jean

    So am I the only one on these boards goin then?LOL I can‘t seem to find anyone else goin at that time. Course Number 0334A Dylan
  5. shado_wolf

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    **************UPDATES******************* shado_wolf 08-16-03 Accepted McInnes 07-14-03 St.Onge 08-26-03 Cycophant 08-22-03 Accepted Genisis 07-14-03 Accepted ARTY AYGUN 09-20-03 Accepted Mat-V 09-03-03 Clinton_84 08-16-03 Accepted Galadriel 07-15-03 Accepted Biggie786 07-16-03 Theoat 08-14-03...
  6. shado_wolf

    Specialist Trades

    Does anyone know of any lists of which trades are considered specialist and qualify for the higher pay? As well, anyone no of which trades are specialist 2? Thanks in advance. Dylan
  7. shado_wolf

    Sigs Question

    If I am not mistaken Sigs is a Tri Service correct? Meaning you could be posted to a Navy, Air Force or Army base. Any one with first hand knowledge that can confirm/deny this? Thanks, dylan
  8. shado_wolf

    Well I went to hand in my app.....

    Arg!!!!! I have been working hard over the last 6 months getting myself into good enough shape to apply, getting all my source documents and gathering my address history. Today at 8 am (precisely the time I am supposed to be starting my work day), I finally get it all together, sign the...
  9. shado_wolf

    Don‘t live where you‘re posted?

    Anyone live outside of the city that they are posted? In particular, posted to Kingston or attending POET and live in a town outside like Belleville? Just curious as I am either applying for Sig Op or LCIS Tech and will have to be in kingston for some time and my wife would maybe move to...
  10. shado_wolf

    Application package

    Does anyone know of a pdf version of the application forms? I have a copy but I keep screwing little things up and I am runnin out of white out :mad: A form that could be edited would be fabulous as then my scary hand writing wouldn‘t be an issue either. :D I‘ve looked at the DND...
  11. shado_wolf

    tour question

    So..... Can you guys give me some idea of how often you go on tour? I know there is no guarentee (sp?) that is the most one can get sent on. As an example how often have you served and how many tours have you been on? I have a wife and kid and don‘t want to miss her growing up. ;-) I do...
  12. shado_wolf

    Closed trades

    Hello, I was speaking to a recruiter today in Edmonton and was told that all of the trades are closed. He said to take my application home, fill it out and drop it off in April when they may open up some trades. Now I thought I had read that each recruitment center is alloted a number to...
  13. shado_wolf

    Fitness Test

    Now, I apoligize in advance. I know this has probably come up many times on this board but my search did not really answer my questions. I am working out (push ups, sit-ups and jogging), so that I‘ll meet the physical requirements. I have the situps and pushups at the level required but the...
  14. shado_wolf

    Glasses for basic

    Now I understand that eyeware will be provided from the forces but will they provide them when i go to basic? Or will I be using my own glasses for basic and then gettin issued the BC glasses after that? Could I use these if i have to use my own for basic...
  15. shado_wolf

    Posting Preference

    Hello all, I am sorry if this has come up before but I am curious and in a bit of a rush. Is it possible to apply to be assigned to a particular battalion or regiment within the army? I am married and my wife does not like the idea of my being stationed on the east coast when all her family...