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  1. bison33

    Veterans Review and Appeal Bd: pressure to reject claims, spying, junkets (MERGED)

    Good reading, and not like I need another reason to despise VAC. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/breakingnews/vets-board-member-says-privacy-raided-after-he-sided-with-veterans-139181419.html
  2. bison33

    Chinook homes decided

    At the morning brief today, fresh from 1 Wing,  one thing now known for sure is that the Chinooks will be at only 2 bases. Edmonton and Petewawa. There will be more to follow over the next while and as I find out, I'll post it. Everything else (new Sqn's or absorb them into the existing ones...
  3. bison33

    Canada's purchase of the Leopard 2 MBT

    Just saw this on web.........thoughts? http://news.sympatico.msn.ctv.ca/TopStories/ContentPosting.aspx?newsitemid=CTVNews%2f20061031%2fcanada_tanks_061031&feedname=CTV-TOPSTORIES_V2&showbyline=True