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  1. readytogo

    scheduling conflict

    Hello all,             So after spending any number of months going through the application process and being accepted and starting BMQ weekend I have a potential concer.  Pertaining to my civi job there is a potential that I am going to be strong armed into a 6 on 6 off rotation in Fort...
  2. readytogo

    Weekend Pres BMQ 2010-2011 experiences (good and bad)

    Someone on another board mentioned this, seemed like a good idea so let the stories begin.
  3. readytogo

    Weekend BMQ in Edmonton starts this weekend....who's coming???

    Just wondering who i will have for course mates on the Res BMQ starting this weekend???? and what your trade is??? I am going to be a MedTech RTG :cdn:
  4. readytogo

    for the clerks, preferably those who may work in clothing stores

    quick one for the clerks out there, 1)What is the largest size of beret available in the CF 2)What is the largest size of combat helmet available in the CF 3)if the largest size normally available for either 1) or 2) doesnt work can custom ones be made???? I know i have asked about equiptment...
  5. readytogo

    Level II security clearance (secret level)

    Hello all,           I am in the process of filling out a security clearance for my unit which is apparently classed as "secret".  In this document they are asking for total employment history for the past 10 years, I am wondering how sticky they are on this, as I am an Electrician by trade and...
  6. readytogo

    French Senate bans burqa

    According to CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/09/14/france.burqa.ban/index.html THe french senate has voted overwhelmingly in favor of banning the wearing of Burqa's callling it "a new form of enslavement that the republic cannot accept on its soil." that will be punishable my fines...
  7. readytogo

    Reserve Med tech QL3

    Hey everyone,   I did a search but and found some info but mostly unrelated answers so here goes my question...My day job employer is trying to plan out my next year scheduling and is aware of my reserve status and wants to know the time line for the reserve MEDTECH Ql3 is?? I have heard...
  8. readytogo

    Tommorow is the day

    So the day is finally upon me...I swear into my reserve unit tommorow(15 field ambulance), totally excited and wondering if anyone else is swearing in at the Jefferson Armory tommorow evening????? Three cheers to a new and exciting path :cdn: RTG
  9. readytogo

    Social Insurance Cards

    Hey everybody,         Thought it may be a good idea to drop this piece of info to any applicants who may be a little bit older and have burned through the original SIN card they got when they were younger (my card suffered a horrible death after years of staying in the same pocket in my...
  10. readytogo

    "The best movie of all time"

    As a mirror to Medkawd's post i figured maybe we could sound off on some of the best films ever made!!! Let the games begin as i list off a few of my favorites: 1)The usual suspects 2)platoon 3)any and all zombie movies (its a guilty pleasure of mine) 4)Boondock Saints 5)Borat Let the debate...
  11. readytogo

    For any recruiters or MCC's

    Good Morning,             I wanted to throw this question out there and see what came back, If i am changing my trade selection from Combat Engineer or Armored Crewman in the reserves to Med tech reserve would i require an update interview?  My file manager informed me that it may or may not...
  12. readytogo

    So close to the finish line!!!

    So i spoke to the recruiter at downtown office in edmonton today and he told me that my file is complete and all they are waiting on is for me to tell them 15 field ambulance or 41 brigade engineers, and all i am waiting for is the medics to confirm if i have the requirements to join!!!! of...
  13. readytogo

    Helm of a slowly sinking ship

    Just to throw out the question to any true blue Oilers fans out there.  Now that Ethan Moreau is no longer an Oiler who is the best choice to take over the helm of our sinking copper and blue ship ;D I think maybe Dustin Penner??? or Souray if he stays??? Thoughts?? I say this all in jest, I...
  14. readytogo


    although it has never been an issue for me i did go see a doctor because i was wondering if i was "depressed" he didnt give me anything and i was never diagnosed or anything.  I guess i was worried because my mother has been on depression medication for most of her life.  My question is as long...
  15. readytogo

    Life Insurance in the Reserves

    I tried a search on this topic but cant seem to locate anything....first back story, me and my wife had a meeting today with a financial planner to discuss a private life insurance policy, we are both young and it was way overdue but that is neither here nor there.  All was going well but when i...
  16. readytogo

    Security clearance

    IF i just (within the last year) had a security clearance done which would of allowed me as a civi to go to rcmp stations to perform work on thier equiptment (they wanted to know my last 10 years of residences) is there a chance i could skip the security clearance I realize that noone can say...
  17. readytogo

    Sig op?

    Is there still a signing bonus on CT with sig op? if so is there a sig op reserve unit in the edmonton area? if i missed this in my search i apoligize but i would love to know?? ;D :cdn:
  18. readytogo


    If I am going into reserve combat engineering and already have a journeyman electrical ticket will that grant me any advance in rank or credit???
  19. readytogo

    You maynot believe this but!!

    Heres a silly/unbelievable question but... I have a very large head and am wondering if the army has gear that can accomadate this???? i have my cfat next week for reserve work and am wonderin if im gonna get in to run into the same work related problem ive had all my life...can the employer...