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  1. Jamtorky

    NSE FP or PRT FP ..which one would you chose ???

    Looking for some comments from pers who have done either NSE FP or PRT FP..... Lets just say that you had a choice to go on 1-09 as NSE FP or as PRT FP ....which one would you chose and why... which is more likely to be a better tour?? cheers
  2. Jamtorky

    Advance Leadership Qualification Course

    I am taking the ALQ course this fall and I am looking for some information How do they work the at home study sessions? Do they have mulriple dates for the same subjects??? ect ect thanks
  3. Jamtorky

    CC shortage for Roto's or a Reservists pipedream

    Ok before we start with the naysayers... remember what Louis Pasteur said!!! Anyway, The Res are currently filling spots of gunner and driver for the Leo and Coyote and in CC positions in Lav (inf) and the odd one in a Coyote turret Yes Res armoured recce units are very slim on individuals...
  4. Jamtorky

    Hearing protection / Aids

    I have been reading a little about the Peltor Tac 6  and the COMTAC I and II. Anyone have any experience with these other then on the range?? What kind of ear protection are the troops currently using??
  5. Jamtorky

    CFTPO Job Descriptions

    " pick three jobs an #'s them as you choice  1, 2  and 3" Not to hard if the jobs are trade related ... those that are any trade are sometimes hard to read ... Like J3 Effects???  I want to ask about the ANA trainers position ... Is this anything like what the US are doing with its Nat...
  6. Jamtorky

    Recce Skills Competition 06, Shilo MB

    Curious if anyone is going to this or was involved in last years .... heard it was a pretty good competition thoughts???
  7. Jamtorky

    Cambrian Patrol 2005

    Just curious if anyone has any personal experience with this exersise... planning ..work up... costs.... equipment needed..... process for application as a CDN Res Unit.. I am planning on proposing that my Reserve Regt put together a team for this year... I am looking for some information on...
  8. Jamtorky

    Rank insignia and Patrol Dress (blues)

    During my time waiting for the DHH to reply to my email I thought that I would put this question to the test here ISSUE: Correct Historical rank badges / Hooks to be  worn on the sleeve of Patrols to indicate modern day rank structure of (one hook) Trooper /  Private , Corporal and Master...