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  1. Sigs Pig


    This Friday if you are in Winnipeg Candlelight Service ME
  2. Sigs Pig

    Winter Dress in Garrison

    We parade tonight and this reminder was just emailed: "Remember, as per the SSM, winter dress is now in effect. For all parades you will wear sleeves down and wear your thermals. You may go back to sleeves up and t-shirts afterwards. I recommend you keep one set up thermals in your locker so you...
  3. Sigs Pig

    Wear Red Today

    Tuesday June 10th Fallen 3 ME
  4. Sigs Pig

    Canadian Troops In Norway For Cold Weather Combat Exercise

    Did not see this anywhere else. Funny that rain starts it off. Link removed as per site policy :snowman: ME
  5. Sigs Pig

    Operation War Diary

    Hi all, I have been doing Zooniverse projects for many years and just got this in the mailings. Thought some of you would like to help and also delve into the war diaries of WWI. ME ********* Hi, Today we launched Operation War Diary - our new citizen history project where we need your help to...
  6. Sigs Pig

    Magic Bullets

    This was asked of me by a buddy who thought if I didn't know (which I don't), I could ask some of my weekend warrior comrades. I thought I would ask here. Thanks for answers in advance. ME I had sent him this to whet his appetite. Three Kings
  7. Sigs Pig

    Researching Military History? - Winnipeg

    Researching Canadian Military Records Whether you are curious about Canada’s military history or a genealogist researching an ancestor who fought in the world wars, this workshop shouldn’t be missed! Library and Archives Canada has digitized thousands of service files of Canadians who served in...
  8. Sigs Pig

    War Encyclopedias - Free

    War and Weapons Encyclopedias I came across this and have no connection with the poster. Someone may be interested. ME Edit: I could assist by picking them up.... delivery would be another matter.
  9. Sigs Pig

    Stinky's gone, but not forgotten

    Search, rescue group's most decorated dog Wpg Free Press In photos, she stared straight at the camera, her copper eyes bright with intelligence, her broad chest a physical testament to her steel will and great strength. She was a poster dog for the Manitoba Search and Rescue Association. And...
  10. Sigs Pig

    N.S. man creates first Canadian military action figures

    From CBC A Nova Scotia man is one of three partners behind new action figures sporting Canadian military uniforms that they're trying to get on the market. Although the figures may not become as popular as G.I. Joe, the first-ever Canadian military action figures are starting to sell quickly...
  11. Sigs Pig

    Tombstone Mystery

    Tombstone of Royal Air Force member from UK found in Portage la Prairie backyard ctvwinnipeg.ca He was laid to rest in Belgium, but the tombstone of a former Royal Air Force member has been discovered buried in a Manitoban's back yard. More at link: CTV link
  12. Sigs Pig

    1 May 2011: Two Shilo soldiers die in rollover near Brandon

    Two Shilo soldiers die in rollover near Brandon http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Two-Shilo-soldiers-die-in-rollover-near-Brandon-121049709.html By: Nick Martin Posted: 05/1/2011 8:21 AM WINNIPEG -- Two soldiers from CFB Shilo are dead and two others are injured after their SUV...
  13. Sigs Pig

    Carpe Diem 88 - Cpl. James Hayward Arnal

    From Winnipeg Free Press ME Humanitarian grants finding no takers A charitable foundation set up to honour the memory of Winnipeg soldier Cpl. James Hayward Arnal is looking to give money to some young people with a humanitarian project, but having trouble finding takers. The Carpe Diem 88...
  14. Sigs Pig

    Remembering the First World War

    -City of Winnipeg - On October 18, 2008, Brookside Cemetery will be remembering the 90th Anniversary of the signing of the armistice to end the First World War by rededicating the first section of the Field of Honour where War Dead and Veterans who served in that war are interred...